• Teavaro Global Brew House Employs Disruptive Innovation | The Melange Studio

    The Melange Studio’s design for the latest Teavaro Global Brew house employs disruptive innovation. This creates a new-age tea drinkers’ haunt. The second outlet of the trendsetting Teavaro Global Brewhouse in New Delhi, located in Punjabi Bagh.

    Teavaro Global Brew House Employs Disruptive Innovation | The Melange Studio

    brew house

    The second outlet of the trendsetting Teavaro Global Brewhouse in New Delhi is a 500 square feet next-gen tea haven. The latest branch of the teahouse is an exercise in breaking the monotony of the tea industry. It shifts the perceptions of the modern urban denizen around the concept of tea.

    The main aim of the commission was to make the young Indian tea drinker perceive tea beyond the traditional connotations of chai by introducing them to innovative products and experiences. Introducing the global audience to the future of tea in the country, it intends to make the aspirational accessible to the current generation.

    brew house

    The Client’s Brief

    To achieve this, the designers at The Melange Studio embraced the clients’ brief, which asked for a global, yet local experience that draws from the disruptive success of Starbucks in India. The brand’s core values are translated into the interior space in terms of authenticity, innovation, and an on-trend quirkiness.

    brew house

    Utilizing the buffer from the main road, the visitor is greeted by amphitheatre-like outdoor seating created with the help of the steps approaching the teashop entry. The façade of the Brewhouse speaks to the fun that lies inside — welcoming the youth with quirky colours, innovative use of both indoor and outdoor materials, and signature circular proportions that make the place distinctively vibrant.

    Colour Palette

    Surrounded by verdant greens adjacent to two façades, the 15-seater teahouse provides ample floor height inside, countering the small footprint and lending the interiors a grandness in volume. Additionally, it allows abundant sunlight and helps one feel closer to nature.

    Arches, curves and a play of colours best representative of a ‘millennial mindset’ dominate the interior design scheme for Teavaro. A free-flowing layout and a liberal use of mirrors and large, arched windows contribute to the same.

    To make the space seem more proportionate and bring visual calmness to it, a vaulted ceiling has been designed. The minimal bar counter carries the brand signage with fluted elements running across its length.

    A grey-washed, textured base hosts pops of colours in coral, spearmint green, and banana yellow, which work together to harmonise varied interior elements like fabrics and tile grouts. A grey terrazzo tile by FCML adds to the trendy sophistication of the tea shop.

    brew house

    A handmade square tile, inspired by a similar detail in Teavaro’s previous store, has been used to create brand recall. Details in warm wood and cane, along with appearances of brass help the different constituents converse easily with each other. The resultant space is a cheerful, inviting rendezvous that brings global experiences to one’s local neighbourhood.

    Catering to the Gen-Z and Millennial generations, the design for the Teavaro Global Brewhouse makes use of authentic, modern luxury tea culture as the basis of its experiential newness. It brings the aspirational lifestyle, often viewed digitally and from afar, into the sphere of everyday life — ultimately making cold tea Instagrammable for the centennials!

    Fact File

    Designed by: The Melange Studio

    Project Type: Restaurant/ Bar/ Cafe

    Project Name: Teavaro Brewhouse

    Location: Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

    Year Built: 2023

    Project Size: 500 Sq.ft

    Principal Architects: Dhruv DV & Pranvi Jain

    Photograph Courtesy: Tarang Goyal

    Text Credit: Sadhya Bhatnagar

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