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Posted On July 03, 2023

This Apartment Displays a Pop of Pastels with Minimal Details | Vivid Decor

A renovation project which we have designed is named “An Octagon Element”. Inspired by traditional moroccan design, this sleek octagon-shaped element is perfect at the entrance with its dramatic colouring....

Posted On May 17, 2023

Earthy Home With Indian Decor And Golden Hues | Vivid Decor

We designed a simple 3 BHK earthy home with Indian decor and golden hues, a perfect for a family of five. When you go in, the living room and dining...

Posted On January 17, 2023

Eclectic Style And Modern Style Of Interiors Blended Together | VIVID DECOR

The minimalistic mod-Mediterranean interior style is a perfect balance achieved between eclectic style and modern style of interiors blended together. The interior designer, Vidhi Teraiya has created the fabric studio...

Posted On July 15, 2022

Restaurant Designed With Subtle Reflection of both Tropical and Sophistication | Vivid Decor

This restaurant flourishes in the capital of Gujarat, this restaurant’s interior design has an uncluttered and natural ambiance where customers can relax and enjoy the delicious food. A 750 sq.ft. space...