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Posted On October 12, 2023

A 4BHK Villa Envisioning a Lifestyle that Exudes Timeless Charm and Refined Class | Simplécede

Editor’s Note: When we think of cozy and charming living spaces, it’s difficult to imagine it without a jet of breezy light streaming in. Simplecede has interpreted that imagination in...

Posted On August 03, 2023

A 4BHK Home in Bangalore with Spacious and Airy Spaces | Simplécede

This apartment is more than just a 4bhk home in Bangalore with spacious and airy spaces for a lovely couple, their two daughters and occasionally visiting parents. Proud Mumbaikars who...

Posted On March 06, 2023

Residence Designed In Country Cottage Style With A ‘Take Us Back To Country Roads’ Vibe | Simplecede

Pepper is their Pet and Coffee is the customer’s first love. For they grew-up around the harvests of Pepper and Coffee in the Estates of Chikmagalur and have memories galore....

Posted On December 17, 2022

A Unique Color Scheme In This Compact 3BHK Apartment | Simplécede

The white washes, blue seas, beige sand, lush green, pops of many shades that shine bright in a very mellow sunshine. With 1285 sqft area and built up area of...