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Posted On January 03, 2024

Hindu Temple Architecture: 5 Regional Styles Across India

Hindu Temple Architecture is an emotion that associates a place with the people of India. This place is considered holy and sacred, where people gather to worship any particular form...

Posted On December 31, 2023

Nagara Style Temple Architecture: Masterpieces in Stone

Nagara Style Temple Architecture stands as a testament to ancient India’s rich cultural and architectural heritage. Rooted in Hinduism, these temples are characterised by their towering spires, intricate carvings, and...

Posted On November 27, 2023

Gopuram Temple: 5 Fascinating Gateways of Southern India

Unique to the region, Gopuram Temple is a peculiar feature of Southern India. In comparison to temples in other parts of India, these gateways are more ornate, monumental, and huge...