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Posted On November 23, 2023

A Staggered Brick façade features in this generous home | SJM Design Consultant

Located in Ahmedabad, SJM design consultant designed a residence with a simple cuboidal structure with a pop of brick façade to greet you. Formerly, this modern residence, called ‘The Pavra’s...

Posted On September 11, 2023

This Contemporary Apartment Boasts an Impeccable Design Palette Characterized by Minimalistic Interiors | ADS Architects

With an expansive carpet area of 1900 square feet, this contemporary apartment boasts an impeccable design palette characterized by minimalistic interiors, culminating in a seamless blend of modern aesthetics. Upon...

Posted On June 16, 2023

A Residential Project That Seamlessly Combines Sophistication, Comfort, And Functionality | GroupARC Architects and Interior Designers

GroupARC Architects and Interior Designers would like to introduce our meticulously crafted 1400 Sq.ft, a residential project that seamlessly combines sophistication, comfort, and functionality completed successfully in the suburban region...

Posted On June 15, 2023

This 3BHK House Is Full Of Textures, Colors And Patterns | studioADAPL

“Away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Mumbai, this apartment turns to the vibrancy of colors for the feeling of calmness. The decor is intertwined with the...

  • Posted On June 02, 2023

    Warm Palette Of Textures, Colors And Materials Highlights This Apartment Interiors | Design Spaces By Nirali Patel

    The maple tree garden homes is designed and executed by Nirali Patel, founder of design spaces , for their client Mr. Tarang Patel  and his family. This 1,800 Sq.ft residence...

    Posted On May 25, 2023

    The Innovative Design Concept And Meticulous Attention To Detail Of This Residence Stands Out | Sthapatya, A Design Studio

    The designing of a home is apparently designing a lifestyle. It is not only bringing together the soil, climate, material but also weaves the lifestyle of the inhabitants. For each...

    Posted On May 09, 2023

    A Luxurious Design With A Touch Of Wooden Palette And A Play Of Lines & Edges | Innerarch Designs

    Nested in the Ahmedabad city, sprawling around 2500 sq. ft. of area, this 4bhk Apartment which is designed for a family of 5 has a character of sophistication and calmness....

    Posted On March 27, 2023

    The Affiliations Of Simplicity And Grandeur Successfully Fused Into This Luxury Apartment | Salt Studio

    An attempt to create a 21st-century home that relapses to the past is easy to talk about but a challenge to visualize; that is what distinguishes this residence situated in...

    Posted On March 25, 2023

    Apartment Interior Design With Warm Earthy Palette Of Materials, Textures, And Colors | A R N V Design Studio

    Harmony House is designed and executed by Abhay Bhavsar, founder of Arnv Design Studio, for their client Mr. Janak Zaveri and his family. This 1,800 Sq. ft residence is located...

    Posted On March 23, 2023

    Bungalow Design With The Thoughtful Blending Of Styles In Contemporary Settings | Karya Design Studio

    The modern home is a masterpiece created with great attention of detail, a harmonic aesthetic. Undertaken by Karya Design Studio, this bungalow design with the thoughtful blending of styles in...

    Posted On March 03, 2023

    Modern Apartment Design By Sakshee Sahni | SAKSHEE SAHNI DESIGNS

    Open, warm, lustrous and luminous are some of adjectives to describe a home. This Modern Apartment design by Sakshee Sahni located at Ashoka Royal, Raipur (Chhattisgarh) captures all of the...

    Posted On February 25, 2023

    Luxury Home Designed With A Contemporary Neutral Style | Ganesh Design Studio

    To make a wish come true for a client’s brief is a challenge itself. From minimal and neutral colour tone to Making a space luxurious and comfort for all the...

    Posted On January 12, 2023

    AAYI House | Collage Architecture Studio

    Aayi House is the Marathi term for mother. Aayi is an attempt to create a timeless-looking Goan home, built as a tribute to the client’s parents. The project embodies the brief of being...

    Posted On June 10, 2022

    30+ Ideas for a Beautiful Swing Design for your Homes

    There is always that carefree voice in our head that tells us to run around bare feet on a beach or jump into muddy puddles. While those carefree days of...