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Posted On December 01, 2023

A Monolithic Structure with Stacked Volumes | Studio Timescape

Studio Timescape has generated a monolithic structure in Jaipur that appeals at multiple levels. ‘The Grey Box’ is a manifestation of thoughtful design, where the primary is interplay of volumes...

Posted On October 19, 2023

Continuum: Where Design is Time’s Eternal Companion, and Spaces are Narratives of Lifelong Journey | Studio Timescape

Editor’s Note: Continuum is a representation of pristine surfaces and crisp lines. With a simplistic direction to lead for fenestration, the indoors radiate a richness in elegance. Careful inserts of...

Posted On February 01, 2023

“Tangible Memories” (GK25) A Compact 3bhk Residence Located In The Streets Of Jaipur | Studio Timescape

Renovating a home not only restores the space but also rewrites it’s stories. Restoration preserves the essence of who we were, while also introducing who we are! “Tangible Memories” (GK25)...