3 Most Prominent Trends of Contemporary Sofa.

Sleek, functional, and beautiful – contemporary sofas are at the heart of convivial living and they come in various different styles. Contemporary décor is defined by their attempt to streamline everything, a deliberate attempt to showcase spaces instead of things. It reduces the materials and put the attention towards space, shape, and colour. Hence, contemporary[Read More]

3 Beautiful Reclining Sofa Designs with Cup Holders

Reclining sofas can alleviate your chronic pain and correct your posture, especially if you have mobility issues. Besides, if you find it difficult to sit or stand, you can choose a comfortable recliner with a cup holder. The interior designer Nikole Taylor wrote in a blog post on Furniture Zest in December that well-designed products,[Read More]

“Quiet Time (QT) Privacy Lounge Chair’” By Poppin.

“Quiet Time (QT) Privacy Lounge Chair’” By Poppin. Designer: Poppin   Offices can be…well the opposite of private. And with open offices being all the hype nowadays, finding a spot to breathe a sigh of relief in and catch up on some much needed personal time becomes almost impossible. Here swoops in Poppin with their ‘Quiet[Read More]