3 Most Prominent Trends of Contemporary Sofa.

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Sleek, functional, and beautiful – contemporary sofas are at the heart of convivial living and they come in various different styles.

Contemporary décor is defined by their attempt to streamline everything, a deliberate attempt to showcase spaces instead of things. It reduces the materials and put the attention towards space, shape, and colour. Hence, contemporary furniture usually tends to use clean lines and deliberate textures to exude simplistic sophistication.

How does this philosophy apply to a contemporary sofa? It is traditionally a bulky piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space, aren’t’ they? These are questions that designers have been trying to answer by introducing sofas with the same characteristics of contemporary interiors design. Of course, not all the attempts have been equally revered by the homeowners, with a few themes standing out for different reasons.

Below, we take a look at the three most popular contemporary sofa trends that can enhance any space with a perfect combination of practicality and style.

1- Sectional or Modular Sofas

One of the key trends of contemporary living is using something only when you need it. Therefore, from technological devices to interior design, everything is dominated by modular designs. It means that a particular item is consisting of multiple pieces that can be added, removed, and rearranged as per your wishes.

Offering so much freedom and customization, sectional or modular sofa quickly became the trendiest pieces of couch among modern homeowners. They are offered with many different pieces, including a chaise lounge, sleeper sofa, storage, chairs, footstools, etc. You can buy the entire set at once or just add to the pieces as your need changes over time. You can also easily rearrange the sectional pieces and reimagine the living room every now and then.

2- Sofas for Refuge Island

As mentioned before, the contemporary interior focuses more on showcasing the space. Taking things to another level, some homeowners and designers sometimes like to play with space within a space. It often results in a living room with sofas that can make it feel like a refuge island, a section separated from the rest with its relaxing vibe.

The contemporary sofa that is most suited for this compositional style is sofas with monocoque structure, oval curvature, or any other intricate geometric shapes. These sofas also tend to be enveloped with the comfort with the use of double cushions, comfy foams, and soft colours.

3- Fixed Sofas with Linear Forms

Traditionally, sofas used to be dominated by a fixed structure – a fixed body or a fixed back. Generically, they are defined as a fixed sofa or fixed back sofa. Although these sofas offer less personalization than others, it is still very popular for a harmonious design.

Anyhow, as per the contemporary trend, even the traditional fixed-back sofas are reimagined with linear forms, horizontal development or enhanced breadth, lighter shades, etc. The seat and the back cushion can be either loose or fixed to the frame.

So, choose wisely!