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Posted On September 17, 2021

Manikkal Mana : A Restoration Project featuring Traditional Kerala Architecture Details | Durga Sarath Architects

Manikkal Mana is a Restoration project located at Calicut in Kerala.  The project was introduced to us in the year 2018. By then the building was completely vacant and severely...

Posted On September 09, 2021

Housing Disrepair Claims: Questions and Answers

If you think you have disrepair in your home but do not know what to do, you are not alone. Many UK residents also have no idea what their tenant...

Posted On May 18, 2021

How do Fire Restoration Services help After an Incident?

A gas explosion is one of the most emotionally damaging events that can occur. Families sacrifice priceless souvenirs, vital records, and, in very many situations, a feeling of safety due...

Posted On January 07, 2021

How To Find Water Damage Restoration Companies in San Diego

Going through a water disaster is extremely stressful, frustrating, and disruptive. If your home, or another property in San Diego, is struck by this disaster, then you probably need to...

  • Posted On November 03, 2020

    Things to Consider When Choosing a Water Restoration Company

    Water damages can cause a homeowner to many adverse effects. Some of which can be permanent going beyond the repair and restoration capability. The best prayer such a victim will...

    Posted On March 06, 2020

    “Restoration As- Design Case of Surat Castle”| Lecture by Sumesh Modi

    “Restoration As- Design Case of Surat Castle”| Lecture by Sumesh Modi “Restoration As- Design Case of Surat Castle” by Arch. Sumesh Modi (Conservation Architect )” Foundations – Ambuja Knowledge Centre,...

    Posted On December 16, 2019


    You area building owner or a manager and everything’s going great but there’s only one problem, you have a leaky roof. This can be brought about by various things such...