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Posted On May 31, 2024

Interior Design For Clinic Unfolds As A Canvas Of Tranquility | Neev Design Studio

Stepping into the sanctuary of serenity, the interior design for clinic unfolds as a canvas of tranquility. Its design whispers relaxation—a harmonious blend of aesthetics that captivates the senses. The...

Posted On January 13, 2024

Pastel color scheme plays a dominant part in this apartment design | Neev Design Studio

When a young couple decided to build their dream home for themselves and their two little daughters, they entrusted Neev Design Studio with the task. They knew that Neev had...

Posted On June 13, 2023

A House That Is Warm And Comforting, Keeping Up With The Modern Outlook | Neev Design Studio

“The pairing of grey and pastel blue makes this apartment soothing and relaxing to the core.  Neev design studio has touched the reins of elegance through the inclusion of refined...