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Posted On June 19, 2024

This Community Centre Emulates The Vibrancy Of The Indian Bazaar | Studio Archohm

The architecture of an urban Indian bazaar works on the scheme of a mélange. It appears to serve as the unifying theme for these programmes. Thereby introducing a kind of...

Posted On May 18, 2024

Flagship Store Embarks On A Journey Through Time | MN Design Co By Garima Agarwal

Flagship Store by Garima Agarwal embarks on a journey through time and tradition. MN Design Co., stands as an epitome of elegance ensconced within the venerable walls of an 1857...

Posted On February 26, 2024

Roof Top Restaurant is a homage to Mughal and French Architecture | 42MM Architecture

Design of Levana Roof Top Restaurant is a homage to Mughal and French Architecture and heritage of Lucknow. The site is located in Hazratgunj, which is a 200 year old market...

Posted On December 26, 2023

Leading the way: A green-certified public building that’s shaping Lucknow’s cityscape | Sthapati

In the bustling heart of Lucknow, where the past gracefully intersects with the present and where the urban landscape constantly evolves, the IT Headquarters for the Lucknow government is a...

  • Posted On August 03, 2023

    20 Best Designed International Airports In India

    Airports are the gateway to a city or a country. The International Airports in India leave behind an essence of the region while also being relatable in some aspects. The...

    Posted On June 24, 2022

    Residence Exhibiting Modern Architecture with Palette of Neutrals and Embellished Accents | Space Designers

    Residence located in Lucknow, this Grand Golf Villa is situated on a north-facing rectangular plot. Spreading across a plot area of 10200 sq. ft. The villa has a built-up area...

    Posted On May 29, 2018

    Hotel Levana Suites- Lucknow | Hiral Jobalia Studio

    The project for Hotel Levana Suites involved refurbishing an existing building and transforming it a stylish boutique hotel on Lucknow’s Madan Mohan Malviya Marg. The success hinged upon effective collaboration...