“L” House | The Grid Architects

“L” House | The Grid Architects Vision Design should be a link between the present and future generations.   Ideology There is a purpose to every dot that is extended to a line. Reflecting on spaces and volumes created, and bringing about a harmony in the sequence of thoughts, leads to free-flowing spaces unhindered by[Read More]

Eight Ideas to Transform Your Yard into a Beautiful Space

Your yard can be a great place to relax in, and an attractive thing to look upon; a work of art in its own right. You want an outdoor space that is beautiful, and one that your neighbors will enjoy looking at as well (after all, they live next to you and will be impacted[Read More]

Palm Courtyard House|Dada & Partners

Palm Courtyard House|Dada & Partners    The residence was to be designed for a couple and two daughters, which provided generous comfort and luxury, yet sat in the tranquil landscape of almost three acres. As the site is shared between two other houses already built, designing the home in a manner that enjoys the landscape[Read More]

Cafe Battalion, Ahmedabad | The Grid Architects

Cafe Battalion, Ahmedabad | The Grid Architects Cafe Battalion is a food court currently Ahmedabad’s hottest food courts. Its large, clean, well-designed environment based on a refreshingly different theme of ‘respecting the Indian Army’ is as much a draw as its quality-driven, eclectic food outlets.   The story of putting it together is a triumph of[Read More]

A New Fence Can Transform Your Home and Garden

Be it decorating your garden or adding to the privacy and security, a perfect fence can enhance the look of your garden to a great extent. The right fencing style can improve your garden landscape as well as offer privacy and security solutions. The perfect garden fence brings out the style and definition of your[Read More]

How to Create a Luxury Poolside Relaxation Space

Landscaping and outdoor design can be just as important as interior design. To make the most of your garden and outdoor living areas, it’s important to create spaces you can enjoy and spend more time in, and this involves many of the same design principles.   One easy way to conceptualize a gorgeous pool area[Read More]

How to Convert your Lawn for Outdoor BBQ on Weekends

We all agree on the statement that celebrations don’t need any specific time. It is the only way to get happy with those people whom actually we love and care. Celebrations are the only way to make the moments more special and unforgettable by all means. There are different places available where you can invite[Read More]