A Corbusier-Inspired Indian Home | KaMa Design Studio

The first and foremost challenge was to design an Indian home that is dedicated to one of the legendary architects i.e., Ar. Le Corbusier, so not disrespected in any way also not overdoing the overall design. Then, the concept of minimalism, as we all know is a challenge in itself, as designing a space with[Read More]

Contemporary Dwelling with Modern Aesthetics | KaMa Design Studio

Contemporary Dwelling with Modern Aesthetics | KaMa Design Studio MODERN YET CONNECTED TO IT’S INDIAN ROOTS: Set in the heart of Chandigarh, 5+1 Peas in a Pod is a contemporary dwelling for a family of five and a newborn. A calm and tranquil residence, the spaces are inspired by the diversities in the personalities of each[Read More]