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Posted On February 13, 2024

A Modern And Luxurious Bungalow In This Compact Space | J Architects

An old school friend of our principal architect, Jay Thakkar, contacted him 15 years later from the USA with plans to build a dream home for his parents in India....

Posted On December 04, 2023

Kitchen Showcase Design with a Twist of Wardrobe Display | J Architects

Located in the city of Vadodara, J Architects have displayed their skills in kitchen showcase design by collaborating with a well-known brand. While we were already engaged in developing a...

Posted On June 23, 2023

This House is Doused in Mild Pastels Colors and Warmth Of Wood | J Architects

Home is where the heart is: your haven, your source of respite. Your home reflects who you are, replicating your mind and soul. After being ensnared in a mental quagmire...

Posted On May 05, 2023

Top 30 Interior Designers in Vadodara

Vadodara’s name speaks of royalty as it holds Laxmi Villas Palace, Sayajirao University, and the residence of Marathas from the Gaekwad dynasty. From its dense cultural heritage style of design,...

  • Posted On April 14, 2023

    A Minimalist Home With Rustic Material Palette And The Play Of Brick And Clay Jalis | J Architects

    One of our highly published projects, Ishavasyam, was in the working stage when Mr. Khare, their soon-to-be neighbor, approached us. He was very keen on doing something rustic but not...

    Posted On January 31, 2022

    Minimal Design with Neutral Palette in Contemporary Setting | J Architects

    The bungalow is located on the outer fringe of Vadodara – New Alkapuri for NRI client, a family of four – parents and two kids. The lavish residence 4B2HK in...

    Posted On January 13, 2021

    An Outlandish Residence with a Warm Zestful Vibe | J Architects

    An Outlandish Residence with a Warm Zestful Vibe | J Architects An outlandish and minimal residence that is picturized for its iconic appearance and warm zestful vibes. Its Interiors is...