Profound Simplicity with Focus on Uncluttered, Earthy Minimal Design | Muse Architects

Away from the bustling chaos of a city, this quaint 3 BHK minimal design home is on the urban fringe of the diamond city amidst enchanting landscapes and natural hues. The neat and serene spaces were the confluence of the design narrative. The aim was to achieve materiality with a minimalistic approach. Wood is a[Read More]

Unifying Modern Practicality with Indian Architecture | Rajnikant Machhar + Nishant Machhar Architects

‘How does one live?’ The question we asked ourselves as the client approached us with a unique requirement of a residence for a joint family in a farm-land in a village. More so as this was to be designed and built in a non-urban context but with all the modern amenities and was to be[Read More]

70 Living Room Design You Must Study For Design Inspiration

A room for living or typically a bridge to get you, your family, and your house connected with the outer world and to yourself is called a living room. It’s the first place you see when you return from the outer world to yours. The living room is the first impression of you and your[Read More]

Idea of Sustainable Architecture by Understanding and Responding to Climate and Context | Aangan Architects

Sustainable architecture is now an evolving field of practice and what better than making one’s own residence a structure of successful experiment? It’s contextual alignment with immediate environment, user beliefs and activities is evident with the space planning and structural materials. The concrete portrait in the double height is a sight of absolute delight when[Read More]

Our Top Picks Interior Design Trends 2021 | Interior

The Interior of a place enhances its soul and becomes an extension of the user’s personality. Be it a Restaurant Interior you love or the comforts and warmth of a house, the interior of a place pours in the much-needed elixir evoking the emotion of awe and belongingness. Here are our 21 best designs of[Read More]

Home Designed To Be A Companion For Life | Kothari And Associates

Home Designed To Be A Companion For Life | Kothari And Associates Visit : Kothari And Associates ARCHITECT’S DEN     Kothari and associates nurture this residence in Raipur with a modern and traditional demeanor underlined by play of light and ventilation. Nesting within a very prominent housing colony in Swarnbhoomi, Raipur  the capital of Chhattisgarh, this[Read More]

Strong need for Connection, Change and Unlearning birthed the design for this Residence : Casa Feliz | ADND

“The strong willingness of standing on a threshold, the crossing of which would transcend you into a placate world”. Is there something called inside-outside balance? What does that mean precisely? The tangible blurred between inner and outer world of this house, suffuses intangible experiences for this Residence. Transcending into a calm world requires a certain[Read More]

A Plush And Chic Bungalow Design For A Family of Five | Design INC.

Design INC was commissioned to design a plush and chic bungalow for a family of five, the couple, 2 daughters and a mother. Site was located in Rajsamand (Rajasthan), with plot area of 3600 sq ft, approached by 40′ wide road, facing south.  The client wanted a modem, well lit, ventilated elegant and exclusive residence,[Read More]

Stunning Apartment interiors – Shikha | Chirag Design Studio

An amalgamation of different colors, textures, Materials, Finishes and yet all bounced together with a sense of harmony and creating an ambience that’s surreal, fresh, new and stunning. Stunning Apartment interiors – Shikha | Chirag Design Studio Visit : Chirag Design Studio Formal Living The space in Banjara Hills Hyderabad was visualized to be[Read More]

Organised Spaces of Swarooplaxmi Bhojanalay with Modern and Traditional Restaurant Interiors | Dhanesh Gandhi Architects

Swarooplaxmi Bhojanalay (Restaurant) situated in the vicinity of Mahalaxmi temple has been designed in a Traditional manner with a Modern blend. Organised Spaces of Swarooplaxmi Bhojanalay with Modern and Traditional Restaurant Interiors | Dhanesh Gandhi Architects The overall design theme has been inspired by the ancient wooden structures surrounding the restaurant in order to achieve[Read More]