Japanese Sensibilities Unifies with Indian Sensitivities in this Origami Inspired Residential Landscape | Kiasma Landscapes

Nestled in a bucolic setting with bespoke plantations, this residence ceases your heart at the sight of the waterbody, enabling you to disconnect from the worldly complexities while you engage with your inner self, lounging on the poly bench lighting itself from within. True to its inspiration of Origami, the waterbody makes for a state[Read More]

Chit Chat Chai Pod Kiosk | D2D Architects

Chit Chat Chai Pod Kiosk | D2D Architects Visit : D2D Architects KIOSK Pinned in the bustling locality of Hyderabad, Chit chat chai has now reformed itself into a modern kiosk catering to the mobile and shifting crowd in today’s world. Adding to the public architecture of the area, this kiosk is the focal point[Read More]

Stunning Apartment interiors – Shikha | Chirag Design Studio

An amalgamation of different colors, textures, Materials, Finishes and yet all bounced together with a sense of harmony and creating an ambience that’s surreal, fresh, new and stunning. Stunning Apartment interiors – Shikha | Chirag Design Studio Visit : Chirag Design Studio Formal Living The space 2850sq.tf. in Banjara Hills Hyderabad was visualized to be[Read More]

The Unique Requirement of This Residence Presented the Opportunity to Work Closely With Nature : One Dot Five  | Squares Design Studio

The name ‘One dot five’ of this house stands for the duplex designed with one and a half portion of built space for the owners and the rest for the tenants. With a plot size of 40’x 60’, the site is located in the residential area of Saroor nagar in Hyderabad, a once quiet zone,[Read More]

Theme of Monotone for this Bar and Lounge in Kompally, Hyderabad : ZULA | The Canvas 

We still remember walking into a cafeteria like place in Minerva Hotel, Kompally,  Hyderabad, when the client asked us he wants the same to be converted into one of its  kinds Bar and Lounge. This being our first project in Bar Category, we made sure nothing goes wrong and did extra  research on Bar designing and[Read More]

Gallery Style Layout with Restrained Interior Palette Enhances the Showroom Purpose | Lokirev Designs

Set in a densely woven market area in the main city of Hyderabad, the site is a very tight plot enveloped by shops on 3 sides leaving only the road side open for light, ventilation and accessibility. The client, engaged in wholesale business of hardware has been fitting his essentials in a typical market store[Read More]


The aim of the design is to feel the “outdoor in the interior space” by using natural materials, concrete finish, rubble masonry floor stamping, wood, rustic finish which also gives the interior an antique-y look. The ultimate delicacy comes with the warm lighting in terms of task light and designer light fixtures. Concept – The[Read More]

Open and Energising Office Space Improving Indoor Air Quality & Stimulating Active Habits | Urban Narratives

The most significant factor influencing employee motivation, productivity, and happiness is the work environment. A healthy workplace improves efficiency and reduces costs related to absenteeism, turnover, workers’ compensation, and medical claims. In addition, employees spend significant hours of their lives at work, rendering it imperative to have a positive and healthy space for productivity. Open[Read More]

The Tranquil House : Creating Functional Spaces Having Minimalist Approach | Design Dialogue Studio

The Tranquil House : Creating Functional Spaces Having Minimalist Approach | Design Dialogue Studio With the ever increasing chaos in our day to day modern lives, a home with tranquillity and serene atmosphere with lush greens seems like a distant dream for most people. Visit : Design Dialogue Studio The tranquil house project provided us[Read More]

Salon and Spa Retreat Designed with Simplicity and Grace : Myst | Urban Narratives

Salon and Spa Retreat Designed with Simplicity and Grace : Myst | Urban Narratives Situated in a crowded and cluttered neighbourhood in the Northern District of the City of Hyderabad, Myst Salon offers an inviting experience that detaches the customer from the commotion of everyday life. Designed as a Salon and Spa retreat, it functions[Read More]