A stunning, open planned home utilizing the picturesque landscape of the Gold Coast hinterland.

Over the past few months, it’s quickly become one of the most sought after locations in Queensland, and why not. With a world-famous coastline filled with golden sand beaches that are within a short drive to the spectacular, heritage-listed hinterland, the influx of eager homeowners is understandable.  When it comes to desirable homes, the award[Read More]

Home design heading into 2021

The home design industry is an industry that, over the years, has been through quite an evolution time and again. we have seen a tremendous amount of growth and exploration over the years that has allowed the home design industry that spans the globe to go from strength to strength and to find new inspiration[Read More]

Fold Tables By Max Voytenko

Fold Tables By Max Voytenko Designer: Max Voytenko This series of stunning tables are the creation of designer, Max Voytenko, and we just had to talk about them! Inspired by the bending of the sheet of paper, the tops of FOLD TABLES drop away in a smooth and linear fashion to seamlessly create shelves and cubbyholes![Read More]


THE OFF CENTERED BASE “PINJI TABLE” IS AN ITEM OF FINE ARTS. Designer: Tony Lee   We think that the Pinji table is closer to being an item of fine art than a side table, and would be even more suited in a gallery than it is within the home… and that’s why we love it![Read More]