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Posted On May 15, 2021

5 Tips for a Green Home Renovation

Over the last few years, more and more homeowners have become increasingly concerned with their impact on the environment. Thanks to this, many homeowners are choosing to make their homes...

Posted On January 10, 2020

Going Green: the Viability of Eco-friendly Building

In the last ten years, more people have gone green with home and office eco-friendly building than ever before. True, the environment is under severe strain, so it’s only logical...

Posted On April 10, 2019

6 Trends Revolutionizing Green Building Designs

Green building will continue to grow globally, particularly in Europe, North America and fast-growing countries in the Middle East, South America, and the Asia-Pacific region. Every year, many government agencies,...

Posted On September 25, 2018

House with Courtyards | LIJO RENY architects

 House with Courtyards | LIJO RENY architects This project seemed like an Architect’s dream at first but upon closer understanding, of the site and the brief, revealed its complex nature....