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Posted On April 15, 2024

The Tropical Design Offers a Beautiful Panoramic River View On One Side | Design Work Group

Located near Surat, the tropical design offers a beautiful panoramic river view on one side and mango trees on the other side. When we collaborate with clients, we prioritize engaging...

Posted On December 26, 2022

Coalescing Timeless Architecture To An Ethereal Soundscape | Design Work Group

The design of the spaces that require a superior sound quality needs specific elements to embolden its acoustical quality. For those who earnestly tune in, HAS Studio provides a heightened...

Posted On July 05, 2022

An Intentionally Therapeutic Environment Built in this Farm House | Design Work Group

What is more beautiful than to be waking up by the sounds of birds, to be able to inhale the fresh earthy scent and witnessing the rising sun? Located approximately...