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Posted On October 20, 2022

Modern-Contemporary Space Juxtaposed With Unique Elements From Different Time Eras | DESIGN LAB VYOMA

The Elemental House, as the name suggests, is a beautiful, well crafted, modern-contemporary space juxtaposed with unique elements from different time eras and space, which has remained close to the client’s heart and narrates their journey, story & aspirations. The homeowners had recently returned from London and had decided to make this their new home […]

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Posted On July 16, 2021

The Curio House : Paradise for An Art & Artefact Collector | Design Lab Vyoma

The Curio House : Paradise for An Art & Artefact Collector  | Design Lab Vyoma The CURIO HOUSE as the name suggest, is a paradise for an art & artifact collector. The Contemporary interiors are carefully curated to compliment these pieces, which are seamlessly bought together, forming the DNA of the space. These pieces are […]

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Posted On May 26, 2020

The Sanctum House | Design Lab Vyoma

The Sanctum House | Design Lab Vyoma The basic look and feel of the house were that of a chic contemporary home, having a holistic & serene vibe, but at the same time having a feel of understated luxury & classiness This residential space has elements that thrive in perfect elegance and bliss, creating a […]

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