Manama Urban Forest: Commercial Office Building | in QUEST Design Studio

Manama Urban Forest: Commercial Office Building | in QUEST Design Studio According to tradition, South facing building entrances are the best followed by East. West is considered to be the worst option as the low angle sun generates extreme heat which is a major problem for a humid tropical country like Bangladesh. But in present Urban context[Read More]

Devam-The Luxury Store in Mumbai | Limited Edition Design Studio

Devam-The Luxury Store in Mumbai | Limited Edition Design Studio   Even though the retail store, it was located inside a commercial complex as its Store specially designed for their privilege clientele in India. The Store also acts as their Support office for their exports to the main store in USA.   Physiological aspects that[Read More]


TIMELESS TREASURE | The Interior WORKSHOP Designing this Retail shop TIMELESS TREASURE, the shop dealing with the All kind of Natural Stones and Products by Arch TEJAS MISTRY and by the entire team of THE INTERIOR WORKSHOP, Here unique aspect of this project is that mostly we have used their Natural Stone In the Whole Designing and[Read More]

How to Construct the Perfect Commercial Interior

Creating the perfect commercial interior is something that benefits everyone who works in that space, and as such, it needs to promote a combination of moods, including:   Productive Calming Creative Inviting Safe   Imagine entering a space that is so polished and put together that your mood instantaneously lifts the moment you step foot[Read More]

15+ Commercial Building Elevation Design

Commercial Building Elevation Design are one of the major parts of look and feel of the building but, it’s rear to find creative design that makes you stop take a glance at the building which can either stand as an iconic structure on later stages, so we have listed down 15 unique commercial building elevation design[Read More]

Facade design Of commercial Building | Uneven

Facade design Of commercial Building Breaking the stereotype image of a Commercial Building, this unit stands robust on a plot of 41000 sq.ft. as one of the emerging landmarks of the city.  The entire length of the building runs parallel to an active road.Facade design Of commercial Building was designed to have a monstrous 300[Read More]