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Posted On March 06, 2024

20 Types of Cladding Styles Suitable For Exterior

Over time, many types of cladding finds its use in the exterior of the building. Since ancient times, cladding was a a layer of protection from the natural elements and...

Posted On June 27, 2020

Top 5 Uses of Concrete Panels Around the Home

Today, the most common uses of concrete panels are: wall panels, patio panels, decorative wall panels, and interior trim panels. This article will look at the top five uses of...

Posted On June 12, 2019

Stone Cladded Modern Apartment Interiors | K Design Studio

Stone Cladded Modern Apartment Interiors| K Design Studio One of the reasons we love nature so much is our inherent connection to the outdoors and to natural elements. Choosing materials...

Posted On December 13, 2018

How to tell if it’s time to replace your Cladding or Siding?

Cladding or siding is one of the most popular choices when covering houses and for good reason. The right cladding does more than just add curb appeal to your home....