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Posted On July 02, 2020

Pedram Zohrevand on A Career in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a prominent career field for engineers. The role of a civil engineer involves designing, developing, and overseeing the construction of various types of infrastructure projects, roadways, and...

Posted On January 27, 2020

Why Architects Work With Engineers When Designing Homes

By Michael Tobias When people decide to build a home rather than buy one that is complete and established, they usually contract an architect or professional building designer to draw...

Posted On December 04, 2019

How is Photogrammetry Related to Civil Engineering?

Photogrammetry is the art of using photographs to apply scale and measurements to objects. In photogrammetry, you take many pictures from all different angles and use special software to layer...

Posted On November 08, 2019

Can I hire a Facade Engineer to remodel my house?

The façade is the outer part of your home. The façade engineer will offer a variety of suggestions on how to clad your home using curtain walls with almost any...

  • Posted On January 30, 2019

    How to Start a Career as a Civil Engineer Strongly

    Once you’ve officially become a civil engineer, there is no doubt you’d be quite excited to start your career. We will now take a look at a couple of tips...