Incorporating Sustainable Designs & Creating A Multi-Functional Work Environment | architecture aNew

An effort to imbibe abstracted ideals from the defining features of the city beautiful ’Chandigarh’, comprising of The Modular man, round-abouts, man-holes, and green spaces in our office set up, and inspired by the overall setting and context of the city, helped us to improve the building’s spatial efficiency, aesthetics and further on incorporating sustainable[Read More]

Play Of Solids And Voids Creates Openness and Privacy In This Contemporary Residence | Charged Voids

Multiple solids and voids juxtapose to create segmented layers of privacy and openness at Residence 145. Sited on a plot with challenging zoning and height restrictions in southern Chandigarh, Residence 145 is a play on the fundamentals of urban residential design. Conceptualised by Charged Voids for three generations of a family, the layout of the[Read More]

Evolving Retail Design that Reimagines Cultural Touchpoints | FORUMaDvaita

Pataaree is a wedding accessories retail design studio based out of Chandigarh, India. They create customized products for wedding ceremonies including favors and decor props. The products are a reflection of the traditions and ceremonies which compliment wedding rituals and add that personalized touch to each experience. Evolving Retail Design that Reimagines Cultural Touchpoints |[Read More]

Magnet Co-work: Dynamic Color Palette with an Industrial Design Aesthetic | Architect Suri and Associates

Magnet Cowork is designed to create an interactive working and communal space for its users within a compact envelope. An industrial design space enables a collaborative learning atmosphere which further gives the Architect more scope for designing social interaction zones, here these zones are created with the help of a mezzanine and volumetric play of[Read More]

The Tapered House: An Individualistic Illustration of Rustic Architecture | Studio Mohenjodaro

“If we learn to build with local materials, we have a future.”- Francis Kere If we were to ever learn a refined definition of rustic architecture in general and rustic homes in detail, The Tapered House emerges as an individualistic case study. The depiction of two major contrasting yet strongly interlinked characters of this residence[Read More]

A Corbusier-Inspired Indian Home | KaMa Design Studio

The first and foremost challenge was to design an Indian home that is dedicated to one of the legendary architects i.e., Ar. Le Corbusier, so not disrespected in any way also not overdoing the overall design. Then, the concept of minimalism, as we all know is a challenge in itself, as designing a space with[Read More]

Restaurant Design Inspired From Architecture Styles of Rural Havelis and Houses of Punjab | Loop Design Studio

Baba’s restaurant design draws its inspiration from the architecture styles of rural havelis and houses of Punjab. The idea is to create an upcycled space with a traditional material pallette from around the context. Restaurant Design Inspired From Architecture Styles of Rural Havelis and Houses of Punjab | Loop Design Studio Visit: Loop Design Studio[Read More]

Re-evaluating Education and Interaction with this Institution Design | Forumadvaita

A gradual transition is seen in institutional buildings and institution design post pandemic and one such atypical perception is The New Public School. Every spatial division opening into a central outdoor court space becomes a foreground design element that speaks of interactive and inclusive learning environment. Exposing learners to natural light, air and outdoor spaces[Read More]

Contemporary Dwelling with Modern Aesthetics | KaMa Design Studio

Contemporary Dwelling with Modern Aesthetics | KaMa Design Studio MODERN YET CONNECTED TO IT’S INDIAN ROOTS: Set in the heart of Chandigarh, 5+1 Peas in a Pod is a contemporary dwelling for a family of five and a newborn. A calm and tranquil residence, the spaces are inspired by the diversities in the personalities of each[Read More]

Experimental Paradox in the Brutalist Context of Chandigarh : Rooftop Restaurant Tulum | Loop Design Studio

Experimental Paradox in the Brutalist Context of Chandigarh : Rooftop Restaurant Tulum | Loop Design Studio Tulum is an experimental paradox in the brutalist context of Chandigarh. It is a rooftop restaurant that offers panoramic views of the city skyline. Drawing its inspiration from the Mexican getaway destination by the same name, Tulum is curated[Read More]