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Posted On July 05, 2021

5 House Styles to Consider Before Buying a House

Are you on the market for a new house but don’t know what kind of house you are looking for or what kind of style would suit you best? Are...

Posted On June 19, 2020

How To Choose The Best House and Land Packages

There are many different types of property purchases that we usually see in the market and online sites. For those who are planning to buy a new home, house and...

Posted On March 04, 2020

What are the best tips for a first-time house buyer?

Home buying today is an accessible career opportunity. It streamlines the process of selling a house and allows home buyers to make maximum profit. Today, more and more people are...

Posted On December 25, 2019

A Home Buyer’s Amenities Checklist

The average home buyer has a list of must-haves for when they go house hunting. This includes the number of bedrooms, the size of the home, the school district and...

  • Posted On January 16, 2019

    7 Costly Mistakes To Avoid While Buying A Foreclosure

    Only a few years ago, there almost half a million foreclosure filings on U.S. properties. Investing in the foreclosure market like a smart thing to do. Here are several mistakes...