5 House Styles to Consider Before Buying a House

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Are you on the market for a new house but don’t know what kind of house you are looking for or what kind of style would suit you best? Are you having trouble choosing the right house for you and your family because you can’t decide which style you would like your house to be?Take a look at Lake Murray homes that offers various outdoor recreational activities such as world-class fishing, boating, and golf packages with fun and free things to do for the entire family. Just contact Molly Sims to help you with your queries and booking schedules.

Buying a home is one of the biggest and most important personal purchases that anyone will make in their lifetime. When buying a house, you want to make sure that it is something you will love and cherish for as long as you live in it. This means that it should look the way you want it to look too. This is a decision that could also include your realtor, like the ones at Top10 Real Estate Agent which can be found here, as they have the expertise to identify what would suit your needs,  

There are so many different styles of houses to choose from, and choosing the right style could be make or break. This distinction is so important and you should become familiar with the various styles of houses before you buy one. If you need some inspiration, here are a few different styles of houses that you could look at. 


Colonial houses share many various styles from different cultures, but they take influence from the settlers that came over to the United States from Europe. Big on variation, it is hard to define colonial houses into just a few aspects as they come from all over Europe such as Spain, France, and Britain, meaning there are so many different styles of colonial houses. 

However, there are a few defining features that make it easy to spot a colonial-style house, such as, symmetry in everything from windows to doors, to columns, and more, square or rectangular forms, multiple storeys, double chimneys, and window shutters. 


When it comes to architecture, it is important to remember that there are new trends that pop up all of the time. One of the newest architectural trends is the craftsman-style house. This style of house is commonly identified by its small size and rectangular shape.

Typically, with this style of house, you won’t find anything unnecessary or meaningless. Everything in the house will serve a functioning purpose. These houses started being built in the early 1900s but have since come back into style with the popularisation of minimalist lifestyles. 

When looking at a craftsman-style house, you will most likely see natural materials like wood and stone, columns supporting the roof and wide front porches. This is the perfect style of house for a smaller family. 

Ranch style

Ranch-style houses are deeply rooted in colonial Spanish architecture and are easily recognised by their low-pitched roofs. This kind of style is perfect for those who are looking for a more laid-back and relaxed-looking house, with lots of space and a very informal feel. 

These ranch-style houses have a very natural feel to them with neutral colors making up the exterior of the house and natural materials such as stone or rock building the walls. This is a common style of house for those who are looking for a more affordable building option that still looks modern and classy. 

A few defining features of ranch-style houses include single storey construction, long porches, open-plan layouts, large glass sliding doors, and asymmetrical forms.


Victorian houses are some of the most popular ones that you can find in both the UK and the United States. This style of house started rolling out in the mid-1800s and has a slight nod to Italian style and architecture. In recent years, this style of home has become popular again and it is often sought after.

Typically, these houses are identified by their patterned brickwork, high pitched roofs, carved decorative timber, sash and bay windows, multiple storeys, and steep roofs. There are multiple different kinds of Victorian houses but they are all made up of the same basics. 

Victorian houses are great looking properties and always in high demand. Being so old, however, one risk is that the maintenance costs tend to be a little higher,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of Home Buying Company and house sale at auction specialist Property Solvers.


A bungalow-style house is usually identified by its small size and the fact that it is single-storey. This cottage-style home is usually just one storey, but if it has a second storey, it will have a slanted ceiling. 

They are much smaller in size and square footage and can be identified by their dormer windows and verandas. 

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