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Posted On July 17, 2023

Top 25 Interior Designers in Indore

The Interior Designers in Indore take inspiration from modernity in the beautiful urban planning of the clean city. It also roots deep into the Vesara style of architecture, a characteristic...

Posted On May 19, 2023

The Spaces Of “House Of Bliss” Build A Narrative Of Contemporary Class And Comfort | Atelier |X| architects

Rising from the ashes, quite literally, the spaces of “House of Bliss” build a narrative of contemporary class and comfort. Visualised by Saumil Nagar, Principal Architect of Atelier |X| Architects,...

Posted On November 25, 2022

Minimalistically Designed Penthouse Is Filled With Intricacies And Homely Details | ATELIER |X| ARCHITECTS

The wide, unobstructed seating space of the living room is muted in the earthy yet levitating appearance of the sofas and only broken in the presence of the copper-patina teal...