Works and Beliefs of RIBA Gold Medalist 2022, Balkrishna V. Doshi

Works and Beliefs of RIBA Gold Medalist ’22, Balkrishna V. Doshi It is a surreal moment to be able to imbibe words from the maestros of the field. In one of his lectures ‘Breaking the Barriers’, Balkrishna V. Doshi described his work by starting off with three words, ‘Porosity, Paradox and Practice’ where he explained[Read More]

Architects & More: Why Modern Design Is More Than Just Aesthetic

We each have a part of us that thinks we can do it all. We call this the superhero complex and we delude ourselves into thinking that we’re capable of doing anything and everything under the sun. While I do certainly not doubt your capacity and capability to learn new things, I simply don’t think[Read More]

Becoming an Architect: The Essential Guide

Choosing a career path is a big thing to do, but once you have a direction in life, there will be no stopping your ambition. A great industry to get into is architecture as new building always need to be built to accommodate new families and businesses. If this is the career you are going[Read More]