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Posted On December 27, 2023

20 Types of Lighting: Illuminate Your Space with Style

The type of lighting used plays a crucial role in architecture and interior design. Imagine walking into a room that captivates you with its warm ambience or stepping outside at...

Posted On December 21, 2023

Indo Saracenic Architecture – 20 Historic Landmarks in the Country

Indo Saracenic architecture is a distinctive style that emerged in the 19th century, embodying the synthesis of Indian, Islamic, and Western architectural elements like the Neo-Classical, the Gothic, and the...

Posted On June 28, 2021

How To Incorporate Brutalism into Your Home 

Brutalism has seen a boom in popularity in recent years. Not only are many of the most iconic buildings made in this minimalistic style, but appreciation groups have sprung up...

Posted On April 18, 2019

The Different Architectural Styles You Will Find in Austin, Texas

Austin is a special city with a rich history and a unique style including the architect within the town.  The unique styles are influenced by the diverse history, cultures, and...