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Posted On March 29, 2024

Office in Bangalore Becomes A Canvas With The Company’s Ethos | Aarthaa Design Studio

In the realm of modern business, where innovation and productivity intersect, the design of this office in Bangalore becomes a canvas with the company’s ethos painted. Far beyond the mere...

Posted On December 23, 2023

An interior style that agrees with a simplistic mood | Aarthaa Design Studio

Founder and principal designer of Aarthaa Design Studio, Shilpa Srinivas and Nithin crafted The Sujay Residence that lives larger than its 900 sq. ft. in the IT capital of India,...

Posted On January 31, 2023

An Earthy Colour Palette Becomes The Face Of This Minimalistic Modern Home | Aarthaa Design Studio

The city that has been enchanted far and wide for years at the end, Bangalore is a mix of old-world heritage charm with a striking contrast to modern high-rise structures....