600sqft Projects

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Posted On December 12, 2023

Geometric Patterns Define the Design Outline of this Office Space | Pratinav Chadha Architects

Eknaam houses various geometric patterns within it while having tailor made elements scattered throughout the volume. The foundation of our design philosophy for this project was rooted in the idea...

Posted On June 14, 2023

The Minimalist Design Gives A Feeling Of Simplicity And Sophistication | Nirmaan Architects

This compact 2BHK house is designed in modern classic interior style. Toasty appearance is achieved by using warm and earthy colors. The two most noticeable textures in this two-bedroom house...

Posted On September 23, 2022

A Studio Without Any Boundaries | Dhruti Hamlai & Arwa Lokhandwala Designs

“Simplicity is all about Subtracting the Obvious and adding the Meaningful” Designers Dhruti Hamlai and Arwa Dholkawala were inspired by the name of this new project ‘Boundless’- which translates to...