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Posted On April 30, 2024

This 30’x40’ Plot Nestled in the Heart of South Bengaluru | Design Matters

This 30’x40’ plot Nestled in the heart of South Bengaluru stands prominently in an urban setting. We introduce a meticulously designed residence that seamlessly blends the best of both the...

Posted On August 29, 2023

A Private Residence in Surat Built Over Spacious and Sophisticated Design Lines | R Design

Located on dense urban fabrics of Surat city ARHAM is a well carved functional space as per client requirement of different spaces. A Private residence in Surat built over spacious and...

Posted On July 24, 2023

A Residence which is Devised in a Mixture of Neoclassical and Modern Design Language | Deora Associates

Residentially located in Aurangabad, the 4-storey building is known as “Vijay Niwas”. This project describes a residence which is devised in a mixture of neoclassical with modern design language. Which...

Posted On June 06, 2023

This Farmhouse Creates A Harmonious Blend Between The Interior And Exterior | Spacetime Creative

“The absolute zen of simplistic values is being moderated in this artist’s retreat. Art-filled designs and corners are given soulful details, keeping comfort at the epitome.”- Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor) The Getaway...

Posted On September 02, 2022

Indian Traditional Home Underscored with Elements of Islamic Design and Minimal Accents | Studio 926

This new Indian traditional home in Gujarat, by local practice Studio926, is a clever interplay of light and shadows, terracotta plate roofing and exposed brick surfaces as well as open and closed...