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Posted On March 20, 2024

The Impactful Design For TVOI’s Office Used RGB Color Model And Blocking | Studio Saransh

The impactful design for TVOI’s office used RGB color model and blocking. Located in in Ahmedabad, TVOI Office is a spatial experiment in colour. It takes inspiration from RGB colour...

Posted On October 19, 2023

This Home is an Apt Instant of Classical Interior Design Merged with Antique Décor Elements | Sparc Design

Editor’s Note: “The Antique Modernist Home in Pune by Sparc Design is a thoughtful amalgamation of clients’ childhood memories of traditional Conoor house interpreted into current modern scenario. The scrapping...

Posted On September 06, 2023

A House that Expresses a Good Fusion of Contemporary and Tropical Styles | ID+AS Architects

The clients wanted a house that expresses a good fusion of contemporary and tropical styles. They were looking forward to bringing in an ample amount of light and ventilation in...

Posted On December 21, 2022

Apartment Interiors Designed In Glamorous Yet Contemporary Style | VINAY AND RASHMI

‘Vinay and Rashmi’ as a studio believes in the concept of “God is in the details”. Every minute detail contributes to the beauty of the space. The lighting, color and...