Grandeur with Embellished Décor and Taupe Palette Redefining Luxury Design | Tejomaya Designs

As part of her vision to marry classical and maximalist elements in order to create perfectly luxurious and aspirational homes, redefining luxury design, Ekta uses a grand piano in the day (living) area to evoke a feeling of grandeur and regality for those who value beauty and sophistication. Grandeur with Embellished Décor and Taupe Palette[Read More]

Echoes of Vivid Palette and Arched Openings give way to this Modernist Restobar Design | The Crossboundaries

Deviating for a small while, into a fictional ideal reality, into a space of funk and soul. The Brewery directs you into an ocean of experiences together, all under a single roof. With Art-Deco-ish arched light-ways, the swanky vintage blue walls and the unmissable skylight gather you in nostalgic leisure spaces as in olden times.[Read More]