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Posted On November 25, 2022

An Open Courtyard House That Is Connected To The Nature | VICARA DESIGN STUDIO

The house is in the developing suburbs of Ahmedabad, in a gated community. Ahmedabad is predominantly dry throughout the year with harsh summers. The client contacted us to design a...

Posted On November 25, 2022

The House Conceptualized By The Fusion Of Vastu And Scientific Principle | INKLETS STUDIO

The occupants of the house belong to a very family-oriented community, so they had an aspiration to create a simple functional house where they could host several guest and gathering....

Posted On November 01, 2022

Darwin Bucky Redefines The Practice Of Architecture As A Product | andblack design studio

We are temporary visitors to this planet. It is important that we don’t leave any footprints that impact future generations. Therefore, we must cohabit with nature and not inhabit it....