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2050 sq.ft. Projects

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Posted On June 14, 2024

This Exceptional Hotel in Solapur Stands As A Beacon Of Innovation | Ikshana Architects

Situated in Maharashtra, this exceptional hotel in Solapur stands as a beacon of innovation and cultural celebration. Thus embodying a harmonious fusion of traditional elements and contemporary design principles. This...

Posted On June 06, 2024

A Home Aesthetics That Beckons You To Unwind And Indulge | Design Bottega

As you step into Casa, you’re greeted by a home aesthetics that beckons you to unwind and indulge in the pleasure of good company. Casa means house, and Hermosa means...

Posted On May 20, 2024

The Design Objective Was To Reinvigorate The Essence of the Company | ADD Lab

The design objective of the founder of Medisynth was to reinvigorate the essence of the company through the reimagination of its headquarters in Navi Mumbai. His quest to create a...

Posted On February 04, 2022

Modern Design House of Bafna Residence | Nainesh Mutha Architects

The Bafna Residence, a duplex apartment in the heart of Pune, designed by Nainesh Mutha Architects, is a charming abode to the Bafna family. The house is spacious and has...