TADstories with Karishma Sutaria I Kstudio Designs

Kstudio Designs is an interior design studio, based in Ahmedabad. Led by Karishma Sutaria, the studio offers a variety of interior design solutions. Kstudio Designs caters to commercial, residential as well as hospitality interior designs. 

Kstudio Designs is an interior design firm established in 2016 by Karishma Sutaria. Karishma, in this following interview, tells us about her love for design and her explorations regarding each project that she has endeavored. 

Who is Karishma Sutaria? How did you get into this field?

I always had an attraction towards design, whether they were in the realm of fashion, art, or locations. And it enables me to have a strong vision while working on my projects, inspiring me to pursue a career in design for personal fulfillment as well as the enjoyment.

In addition to expressing my opinions in my field, I believe that doing so inspires others to strive harder. I am motivated to be more inventive in my projects by seeing fresh concepts emerge in this industry from other designers too. As I believe, there is a lot to learn in this field.

As the company’s creator and lead designer, I am thrilled to pursue a design career in order to put my ideas into practice.

How did you get your first project and what was it?

My first project was a three bedroom apartment that a friend of mine referred to. And I was eager to finish it well because it was my first project that I created on my own. 

What is your design approach and signature style in terms of planning and execution? 

Each project is an opportunity for me to create something fresh that goes beyond current trends. I enjoy experimenting with new materials and implementing fresh design concepts that work with the needs of my clients in terms of time, cost, and site.

I would love to use experiment with different concepts, designs, and color schemes as my unique look on any project.

In the past few years, especially after Covid, there has been a rapid change in design trends. What is one trend change that you would like to see in the field and one that you would never like to change?

Throughout the functioning of the site, I always like interacting with my client and agencies. Meeting with the customer and the agencies will always produce the greatest results on all projects because sometimes we make significant modifications by addressing the obstacles, and it turns out really well. thus, I intend to keep this the same.

And the most major difference I witnessed is that people are more aware, getting interested, and sharing a range of ideas via social media. Eventually, allowing their designers to experiment with new things, which I feel is fantastic.

Nowadays there are numerous online platforms to get inspired and get ideas. How do you cater to the client’s requirements regarding your style of design?  

Ultimately, our goal is to create a comfortable and simplified design process for everyone involved. By educating our clients, addressing their concerns, and demonstrating the value of our design choices, we strive to build trust and confidence in our ability to meet their requirements and deliver exceptional results.

What is your strategy to transform a given space into a masterpiece in terms of budget constraints?  

On each project, the budget always plays a crucial part. Nevertheless, we always strive to strike a balance between our own aesthetic and material considerations, taking each project as a challenge and applying our expertise to ensure that the final product will be a masterpiece in any room.

If you had the opportunity to design a dream project, what would it be and why? 

My dream project would be to create a resort or a dream villa where I could experiment with outside beauty, interior design, landscaping, and many styles and themes. However, as design is my passion, any project that allows me to do that would be my favorite, and love to create it.

Nowadays collaborations are in trend. If you had the opportunity to collaborate with another designer, who would it be and what would you love to create?

Many designers nowadays produce wonderful work, but if I had the chance to choose one to celebrate with, I would choose those whose design complement ours and theirs. Because it relies on the undertaking and how we support one another, and it is the most crucial component for both, the collaborator and the participant.

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