• TADstories with Ar. Yash Patel and Ar. Rachita Patel | ERGO D NOVATE

    Ar. Yash Patel, the founder of Ergo D Novate, shares his journey of architecture which began with an innate fascination
    for the built environment.

    Ergo D Novate is based in Vallabh Vidyanagar in Gujarat. It is led by Ar. Yash Patel and Ar. Rachita Patel with the mantra of providing ergonomically sound design solutions since 2011. The firm is an expert in providing contextual and conceptual designs which reflect Indian culture.

    Following, in an interesting conversation with the founders of ergo D novate, they give us a deep insight into their beliefs, experiences and visions.

    ergo D novate founders

    What is the story of your passion for architecture?

    My passion for architecture began with an innate fascination for the built environment and how it shapes our experiences. As a child, I found myself drawn to the intricate details of buildings, marveling at their designs and wondering about the stories they held within their walls. As I delved deeper into the world of architecture, I became enamored with the power it has to influence society and culture.

    Architecture is not just about creating physical structures. It is also about shaping communities, fostering connections, and leaving a lasting impact on the world around us. Studying architecture allowed me to explore this passion further, learning about architectural history, design principles, and sustainable practices. Each project became an opportunity to push boundaries, experiment with new ideas, as well as create spaces that resonate with people on a profound level.

    Bungalow architecture by ergo D novate

    What pushed you to commence your own architecture studio?

    The decision to start my own architecture studio, Ergo D Novate, stemmed from a combination of factors, including a desire for creative autonomy, a passion for design innovation, and a belief in the power of architecture to make a positive impact. First and foremost, I wanted the freedom to pursue my vision and ideas without the constraints of traditional employment structures. Furthermore, starting my own studio allowed me to have full control over the design process. Right from concept development to project execution, it enabled me to express my creativity in meaningful ways.

    Journey of Design Project.

    Could you write in short about the philosophy you go with when designing a certain project?

    When designing a project, my philosophy revolves around creating spaces that are both functional and inspirational. I strive to balance innovation with practicality. I also ensure that the design not only meets the needs of its users but also exceeds their expectations. Sustainability is a core consideration, with an emphasis on incorporating environmentally-friendly materials and practices to minimize the project’s ecological footprint.

    Additionally, I believe in embracing context and culture, designing buildings that harmonize with their surroundings and resonate with the community they serve. Collaboration is however the key, as I work closely with clients, stakeholders, and experts to realize a shared vision that enriches lives and leaves a positive legacy for future generations.

    What is the inspiration behind your concept developments and design ideations?

    My concept developments and design ideations draw inspiration from a multitude of sources. It ranges from nature and art to culture and technology. Nature, with its organic forms and efficient systems, often serves as a rich source of inspiration, influencing everything from building shapes to material choices. Art and design history provide a treasure trove of ideas, sparking creativity through exploration of different styles, movements, and techniques.

    Cultural context plays a significant role, informing design decisions that reflect and celebrate the identity of the place and its people. Technology offers innovative solutions and possibilities, inspiring me to explore cutting-edge materials, construction methods, and digital tools. Ultimately, my inspiration comes from the desire to create meaningful and impactful architecture that resonates with its users and enriches the built environment.

    Courtyard by ergo D novate

    With years of learning and practice in architecture, how did you evolve your design language?

    My design language has evolved through years of learning, practice, and experimentation. Influenced by architectural history, diverse inspirations, and collaborative experiences, it reflects a synthesis of personal values, aesthetic sensibilities, and innovative thinking. Continuous refinement through iterative design iterations and reflection on past projects shapes my approach, as I strive to create meaningful and impactful architecture that resonates with users and enriches the built environment.

    What values do you prioritize in your life and how do they reflect in your way of work?

    In life and work, I focus on being honest, understanding, and creative. I believe in doing the right thing, listening to others, and thinking outside the box to come up with fresh ideas. These values however help me build strong relationships and create designs that truly make a difference.

    Bungalow interior by ergo D novate

    A Sneak Peek Into The Projects Done.

    Considering the quick paced lifestyle of today, how do you use technology to deal with the project challenges?

    In today’s fast-paced world, I use technology like 3D modeling, virtual reality, and collaboration platforms to make designing easier and faster. These tools help me visualize designs, communicate with clients and team members, and solve problems more efficiently. In summary, by embracing technology, I can keep up with deadlines, streamline the design process, and deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of modern living.

    How do you think your projects can make a change in the way people perceive built spaces?

    I believe my projects have the potential to change how people perceive built spaces by prioritizing user experience, sustainability, and community impact. Through thoughtful design, I aim to create environments that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, comfortable, and inclusive. However, by integrating sustainable practices and innovative technologies, my projects demonstrate the potential for architecture to mitigate environmental. They impact and promote a healthier, more resilient future.

    Additionally, by engaging with local communities and addressing their needs and aspirations, my projects foster a sense of ownership and connection, challenging conventional notions of space and promoting a more inclusive and equitable built environment. Overall, I hope that my projects inspire people to see built spaces not just as structures, but as catalysts for positive change and opportunities for human connection and wellbeing.

    Beyond Design!

    Apart from architecture, which are other hobbies that inspire you to keep going?

    Running is a fantastic hobby! It’s not only a great way to stay physically fit but also a wonderful source of inspiration and mental rejuvenation. Apart from architecture, I find that engaging in outdoor activities like running helps me clear my mind, recharge my creativity, and gain new perspectives. The rhythm of running furthermore allows ideas to flow freely. It gives the sense of accomplishment from reaching personal milestones and parallels the satisfaction of completing a successful design project.

    What impact has the journey of architecture had on you personally?

    The journey of architecture has deeply influenced me personally. It’s taught me collaboration, perseverance, and adaptability professionally. Personally, it’s given me a deeper appreciation for beauty, sustainability, and continuous learning. Overall, it’s been a transformative journey shaping both my career and my character.

    Looking ahead in future, what are some of the commitments to yourself to help you grow as an individual?

    Looking ahead, I’m committed to prioritizing self-care and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This includes setting boundaries, taking breaks when needed, and nurturing my physical and mental well being.

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