• TADstories with Ar. Anjali Rawat| Anjali Rawat Architects

    Anjali Rawat, the founder of Anjali Rawat Architects talks about her passion for architecture and her design strategies.

    Anjali Rawat Architects is a multidisciplinary design firm founded by Anjali Rawat in the city of Mumbai. The firm has an expertise in high rise apartments, residential and office interiors as well as resplendent villas.

    In an interesting conversation with Ar. Anjali Rawat she shares her insights into architecture.

    What is the story of your passion for architecture?

    My passion for architecture is fueled by history, adventure, and art. It drives me to create places that add value to users’ lifestyle and well-being, with equal emphasis on aesthetics and functionality, aiming to leave a lasting impact on the world.

    What pushed you to commence your own architecture studio?

    I started my architecture studio with the goal of embracing creative liberty and self-direction because I have an independent spirit. It became clear to me during my undergraduate studies how much I loved architecture. Having a distinct idea and a wish to have a real influence, I jumped at the chance to open my own studio. My creative vision may be completely expressed here, ensuring that initiatives are in line with my ideals.

    Journey of the Design Process!

    Could you write in short about the philosophy you go with when designing a certain project?

    In my projects I focus on creating spaces that are visually striking, immersive and peaceful that engage all the senses. The aim is to create ideal places for a slower life, and foster harmony and peace through every detail. By combining visual, acoustic and tactile appeals, I prioritize comfort and mood, improving the well-being of all residents.

    What is the inspiration behind your concept developments and design ideations?

    I get my design inspiration from approaching every job as if it were a blank canvas, allowing the client’s idea to take center stage. In order to make sure every design perfectly fits their distinct vision. I want to create grounded environments that generate a sense of natural harmony by incorporating earthy components. I make sure every project fully connects with the client’s personality and way of life by surrounding myself with a variety of influences, including travel, art, and literature. This creates environments that feel genuinely real and significant.

    With years of learning and practice in architecture, how did you evolve your design language?

    I embrace a “go with the flow” approach, and it allows each project to be structured as its own unique story. Physical exploration has been essential on this journey experimenting with things like lime and paint, and integrating natural greenery to create spaces that are fresh and harmonious This continuous improvement ensures that my designs remain innovative, relevant, and closely related to the natural environment, as well and always meet the specific needs and wishes of my clients.

    What values do you prioritize in your life and how do they reflect in your way of work?

    In both my personal and professional lives, I prioritize values centered on well-being and a relentless pursuit of development. When approaching my work, I aim to create environments that foster well-being on all levels. This entails experimenting with new processes and materials to craft spaces that evoke serenity. By continually honing my design language and methodologies, I ensure that each project reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation, enhancing the lives of those who inhabit the environments I construct.

    Sneak peek into the projects done by Anjali Rawat Architects

    Looking back at all the design projects you’ve worked on, which is the project that has made an impact on you?

    The “Dattaguru” project in Mumbai profoundly impacted me, offering unparalleled creative freedom to explore innovative ideas. Despite challenges like using exposed brick, I remained committed to the original concept. This rewarding experience has deeply influenced my future projects. Competing in the “50 Beautiful Homes” magazine against sprawling estates of 20,000 square feet, our 2,000-square-foot project made a significant impact. Our dedication and vision were recognized with an award, affirming the transformative potential of our design philosophy.

    Considering the quick paced lifestyle of today, how do you use technology to deal with the project challenges?

    In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, I leverage technology to tackle project challenges efficiently. Using software, we create detailed renderings that provide clients with a clear vision of the design. Despite technological advancements, I also value the old-school approach of extensive sketching, which allows for quick ideation and problem-solving. By combining these methods, I ensure projects are developed effectively while maintaining a high level of creativity and precision.

    Could you share the story of a project which has truly challenged you go beyond your conventional style of approach?

    In a current project, I’m revitalizing a 1.5-acre estate, including villas ranging from 4,000 to 5,000 square feet, alongside extensive landscapes. The estate also features guest houses and much more. The challenge lies in blending modern elements with traditional architecture. We’re innovatively integrating contemporary features in the landscape and villas, while curating a fusion of new modern and mid-century design language. This project is pushing the boundaries of my conventional approach, expanding my design horizons while honoring the estate’s heritage.

    How do you think your projects can make a change in the way people perceive built spaces?

    My work addresses mood, behavior, and well-being to modify views of constructed settings. For example, the Alibagh estate features a large open kitchen, an open gym, a swimming pool, a steam room, an expansive lawn, guest houses, and a temple. All of these elements are intended to promote quality time spent with family and friends away from screens. Living spaces that prioritize well-being and a healthier lifestyle have a beneficial impact on mood and behavior, making them fulfilling.

    Beyond Design!

    Apart from architecture, which are other hobbies that inspire you to keep going?

    Apart from architecture, my hobbies include travel, where I absorb different cultures, and visiting art galleries. These activities inspire me by exposing me to diverse cultures and lifestyles, enriching my design perspective.

    What impact has the journey of architecture had on you personally?

    The journey of architecture has been a profound blessing, despite being an extremely demanding profession. It has forced a lifestyle centered around constant learning and adaptation, requiring consistency and perseverance. This journey has made me tough and gritty, strengthening my resilience and dedication to my craft.

    Beyond professional achievements, what personal legacy do you hope reaches the masses and can make an impact on their lives?

    Beyond professional achievements, I hope to leave a personal legacy that emphasizes the importance of responsible ownership. I want people to associate my work with a commitment to creating spaces that enhance well-being, foster community, and respect the environment. This legacy aims to inspire others to prioritize sustainability and social responsibility in their own lives.


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