Suave Luxurious 4BHK Haven In Surat | Ishaan Design

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Suave Luxurious 4BHK Haven In Surat | Ishaan Design

The enthralling aura of the apartment, mixed with the tranquil colours on the wall helps forge a notion of the grandeur of the space. This 4 BHK apartment offers one of its kind aesthetics with extensive material exploration and extreme craftsmanship demanding paramount eye for detail from the designers. Space is designed by Ishaan Design for an eminent industrialist Mr. Vatsal Naik. The client demanded a resident which could be used as a weekend crib and to entertain outstate business guests.

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The entrance door itself speaks of its users’ affluent persona with a Charcoal Sheet paneling in cream and gold that terminates at the ceiling; with a Corian jali as a porthole. The builder floor apartment provides a private elevator landing and porch area for the visitors.

The living room is vast and spacious putting forth the impression of its artistic character; imparting on everyone a feel of luxury and glamour. The use of muted cream on the walls in the living space sets the character of the room, while the aureate strips on the ceiling, and Sofa sets the base shows a glimpse of the luxury. This is enhanced by the mural in the backdrop and cut from the remaining house using MDF with CNC dipping jali. The room is brought together by using a stretch ceiling which exemplifies the arena with its anomalous richness.

The TV wall imparted a challenge in itself with the clients wanting to take it to the next level. So they got done with the TV altogether by using a This was achieved on a [Material used] making it a two-way TV unit. The two core spaces- the living and the dining is effectively demarcated with a peculiar design by using the two way TV unit. The designer’s eye for detail is ratified by creating the demarcation between the familial in the dining-kitchen and the public living room by the use of a TV unit.

The dining bay is an art in itself with a squarer table with suave dining chairs. The whole bay is accented by the use of a Hichko, which can face outwards towards the window or face the dining as and when needed . This, a must have in any Gujarati family home, masterfully developed to create a symphony of the new and the old in the dining space.

This symphony is further backed by an open kitchen acting as an extension of this space. Its Wes Anderson styled kitchen design with the stoned platform and the storages running parallel. The stone island with its angular features talks of its continuity with the shades of grey laminates running from the dining bay all the way to the kitchen.

The master bedroom is a lavish space with an amalgamation of masculinity and femininity as seen with the robust backrest of the opulent floating bed mingled with Corian jali. The Royal Blue coloured bed with hints of antique coloured motif brings out the true meaning to the word majestic. The bed hides the walk-in closet which leads to the wash area. The Glassdoor has the same pattern as the Headboard jali giving it continuity and lets light create intrinsic and beautiful patterns.

The remaining bedrooms are designed keeping the occupants requests. The overall emotion of coziness that emanate from the bedrooms are a stark contrast to the opulence of the other rooms.

The Daughters room is designed with provisions to flaunt her luxurious collection of bags and extensive book collection hidden in a book cabinet camouflaged by the headboard.

The son’s bedroom draped in pastel colours to accentuate the calmness and meditative atmosphere much needed in the bedchamber.

The grandparents room follow a minimalistic and serene approach making the room to be tranquil and tender.

A unique concept has been chosen for each of the bathrooms. The Master Bath is kept linear with a stretch ceiling lighting up the whole bath and dressing with an open to sky feel. The Daughters bathroom gives a minimalist modern take on bathrooms using glass as the only barrier between areas. The Sons bath with the bold and intricate Moroccan tile is a bow to the Mediterranean style baths. The common bathroom majorly uses black ceramic for the floor, niches, and walls.


Firm: Ishaan Design

Location of Site: Rajhans Maxima, Surat

Type: Residence

Area: 4000 sq.ft

Year of Completion: 2019

Principal Architect & Interior Designer: Urja Desai & Pratham Desai

Content : Calvin G

Picture Credit: Prachi Khasgiwala

About Firm:- Ishaan Design, A Surat Base Firm Since 2012, Works At Multiple Scale & With Various residential & Commercial Projects. They Are Dedicated To Unique Designs, Approaches A Balance Between Functionality, Aesthetics, Material, Cost & Time Frame.



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