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Stylish, Warm And Cosy Abode That Steers Away From Conventional Ways | THE LINE STUDIO

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Principal Designer Rubi Baid Bhansali of ‘The Line Studio’ & team of Bengaluru, designs a 3BHK playing on the magic of white & colours splash different personal nuances that define a home. Respecting the brief of the client, an uncluttered, stylish, warm and cosy abode that steers away from conventional ways. While the entry mostly sticks to muted neutrals with a splash of tile, visible through open doorways are spaces splashed with the blue-colored door. Ample natural light and ventilation, play of patterns and materials, and clean lines anoint this home that stands out for its sheer expansiveness and fluidity. Each room has it’s own language of design, material and texture. Two distinct design elements stand out – the rustic look material palate with splash of Santorini & rainbow themed room that defines the blend of two themes and the arches are the cherry on top to the Living Room, keeping the space open with floor seating.

Stylish, Warm And Cosy Abode That Steers Away From Conventional Ways | THE LINE STUDIO


Interestingly, the ordinary-looking soft furnishings depict an intriguing twist to the combination colours & texture, silently lending a distinct air of personalisation. The backdrop makes it amply clear that it is open to different kinds of patterns, textures, and hues to define a new look as the home continues to grow with its inmates.

In the Living Room, the walls and ceilings have been kept white to amplify height. Accent lights have been used in the ceiling coves as well to emphasize the sense of space and with the flow of blue color paint in the ceiling.  

A fairly good open kitchen in the living room with a yellow quartz on the top & dado makes it seamless & in volume we gave a splash of blue inn so as to have the blue colour flow in the house.

The informal dining spot is pretty cozy and cool with a lower cushion seating, where one can spend hours with yummy food & lots of conversations!

The living room is dominated by arched ingresses, paired back with white onyx look vitrified tile and a palette blue and white. The sliding door between the balcony & living room was removed to bring the area in one & to feel the openness and the height of the sky rise building. We wanted the space freshening up a little rather than being refitted.

The rainbow room, some challenges was there technically for the hanging bed but we achieved it , the most credit we like to give the client as they were super supportive in the entire exercise.

As per the client’s requirements for the room’s design, we designed it with a cloud in ceiling, rainbow themed colour palette and cloud hanging lights. Each & every minute detail was taken care of during the conceptual phase, hence the execution part was a smooth process.

The room has it own beauty in artificial lighting, as well as natural lighting. The wall color has been kept white to highlight & enhance the other colored objects in the room, like curtains, shutters and laminates.

In the child’s bedroom, the orange and the blue in the furniture, with headboard in peach color in the shape of seashell, bring in a spirit of liveliness & freshness into the otherwise vibrant room.

The climbing ladder with the monkey-bar bed on the wall is the favorite part of the client’s daughter, which adds an interesting element and volume to this room’s structure.

The bed for this room has been placed at a lower height with hidden storage. Two tall wardrobes have been built with dressings and the study table also acts as a multi-purpose viceversa for the kid. The window seating was also taken care of during the initial design process itself, where certain civil changes were done to achive it and it indeed came out beautifully and the client loved it too!

The master bedroom echoes a relaxed vibe, courtesy its sage-blue palette and distress finish veneer. The combined effect helps create a whimsical, dreamy feel.

The window seating serves as a cozy retreat for the home owners seeing the blue sky & listening to the chirping of birds with a cup of tea. The doors are paneled in the wall to give a vertical volume to the room.

The look of the floor to ceiling wardrobe also acts to increase the vertical volume of the room with three shutter wardrobes and the middle one which has mirrors entirely to make the room look more spacious. The master suite has been designed with a blue-themed colour palette.


Designed by : THE LINE STUDIO

Project Type : RESIDENTIAL


Location : BENGALURU

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 6 MONTHS

Built up : 2300

Project Size : 1800 sq. ft.  

Project Cost : 18 LAC

Principal Architect : RUBI BAID BHANSALI

Photograph Courtesy : spiritwallstudio

Firm’s Website Link : THE LINE STUDIO

Firm’s Instagram Link : THE LINE STUDIO


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