Statement Pieces for a Modern Home

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Today’s modern home is bright, open, and captivating.  If you love the feel of a modern home and want to create that same sort of feel in your own, you may want to keep reading.

To create a modern space, you can use white paint to make the room feel bigger, remove unnecessary furniture, and keep a cool color scheme.  This creates a bright and open space.

That, however, is only two of three steps to making a home feel innovative and new.  To make a space truly captivating, you need a statement piece.

You can save big on the simple design of modern spaces.  This gives you a little extra to splurge on something eye-catching.  The simplicity is the perfect stage for a unique and bold piece that will tie your home together.


Here are some examples of statement pieces you may want to add to your space.

An Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces have come a long way since the first models.  So if you’re imagining cheap, flat light effects flickering behind a poorly constructed faux log set, think again.

Electric fireplaces today are stunning.  From the long elegant design of the firebox, carefully thought-out so it’s thin enough to be recessed in your wall; to the glowing glass crystals; to the gorgeous flames that dance among them in any color you like; the electric fireplace has come a long way.

Today’s electric fireplaces are fully customizable.  You can create any ambiance you want.  Feeling like a fireside evening with a cup of hot chocolate?  Turn on your fireplace’s heat function and choose the classic flame setting.

Is your kid’s birthday party coming up?  Maybe a parade of flames in alternating colors would be appropriate.

Electric fireplaces often have adjustable thermostats that can be controlled by remote or even an app on your phone.  You can control the ember bed color, flame color, and sometimes backlight or sidelight color as well.  They are versatile in installation as well as price point.

A Lighting Fixture

Using a unique lighting fixture is a great way to make a space pop.  You have essentially two options here: a hanging fixture or a fixed one like a lamp.

If you already have a hanging fixture, it may be a good idea to replace it.  If not, it might be cheaper and simpler just to buy a standing fixture.

Once you’ve chosen your lighting, be sure to invest in good light bulbs.  Whether you prefer warm or cool light, find light bulbs that meet your aesthetic.

You may also want to invest in dimmable light bulbs to create a variety of ambiance in your space.


Artwork is another easy way to add something dramatic to your home.  For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when I say art is paintings, but this isn’t your only option.

Of course, a beautiful painting is one way to add art to your space, but you can also get sculptures and other more abstract art pieces.  Consider these questions before purchasing.

Do I need some color in my space?  Modern homes tend to incorporate a lot of greys, blacks, and whites.  This means that a pop of color can be super eye catching.

What sorts of materials do I have in my space?  Is your couch leather?  Are your floors wood?  What color metals are in your room?  Once you ask these questions you may realize you need some variety.  Or you can highlight a material you already have by adding more of it.

What sort of atmosphere does my space have?  Do you want it to feel warm and inviting?  Then a somewhat creepy sculpture won’t be the best addition.

Art can also indicate something about the home.  For example, you could have a picture painted of your family or incorporate driftwood sculptures if you live by a beach.

Art is a fantastic way to make your home feel like home.  It can say something about the house, its location, and the occupants.  It’s a great way to express your definition of beauty.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking about transforming your current home into a more modern space, or if you’ve already done so, consider adding a statement piece to turn heads and add some personal flare to your home.

Whether that is the sleek look of an electric fireplace, an eye catching light fixture, or a unique piece of artwork that really helps you express yourself, adding a statement piece will totally transform your space.