• Standard Brick Dimensions

    Size and color of brick model usually differ from country to country as per local materials and climatic requirements. Bricks are widely used in construction because of its ability to get molded as per utilization and availability along with required strength as per function. Their sizes are determined after finding the correct ratio of dimension as larger bricks are hard to burn uniformly along with maintaining strength and durability and smaller bricks may require more mortar and ultimately increase in cost. And thus came the conclusion of standards for brick size which may vary slightly from country to country. After all this information you might be thinking “how great it is to have someone to write my research paper for me.” And that’s exactly what we can help you with.

    Standard brick size in England:

    In England, the size of brick especially length and width are quite consistent but depth has varied over a period of time. Depth was compact (around 2inches or 51mm approximately)in earlier times. In the United Kingdom, the stand brick dimensions of the present day are 215 x 102.5 x 65 millimeter. Taking into consideration of 10mm mortar joint to give a module size 225 x 112.5 x75 millimeter for the required proportion of 6:3:2.most of the time using the particular brick in decor can add up to the rusting sort of raw theme you can check out few relevant furniture art Homes Direct 365.

    Decor : The Cross Boundaries 

    Standard brick size in the United States:

    In the United States, the current standard brick size is 203 x 92 x 57 millimeter (this size was determined after ASTM (American standard testing method)). Apart from these customizable bricks are used more commonly with the standard dimension of 194 x 92 x 57 millimeter.

    Standard Brick Size in Australia: As per Australian standard AS4455 standard brick size determined with the help of Boral Company in Australia, the size is 76 x 230 110 millimeter.

    Brick’s compressive strength should be in the range of 2000 to 5000 psi (15 to 35 MPa). Keep in mind that if you will need to cut through these bricks you will need the best tile saw on hand.

    Larger bricks are commonly used for inexpensive construction or as style attribute contrasted with small bricks.

    Brick dimensions are 140 x 90 x 290 millimeter in tornado-prone zones or areas. This size is larger as it is contained with augmented voids and plastering required. Bricks with broader dimension are used for sound resistant walls or higher load bearing capacity higher fire opposition extent determined by requirements and need.

    Standard Brick size in India: In India, brick size is 190 mm x 90 mm x 90 millimeter according to the proposal of BIS(Bureau of Indian standards).Inclusive of mortar, module size becomes 200 x 100 x 100 millimeter.

    Also, apart from size orientation plays a huge role in the aesthetics and structure of the building.

    The orientation of the brick face

    The below diagrams represent the orientations for bricks when laid in wall.  Highlighted blue face will be exposed in the wall.

    Even though the bricks can be laid in any of the possible orientations from 6 possibilities as given below.

    How to select brick and determine its quality:

    It should be uniform in shape, size and color.

    It should be in respect to country’s Standard size of a brick.

    Bricks must be sound and compact.

    It should be free from cracks and air bubbles or stone nodules etc. with precise sharp square edges.

    The maximum amount of water absorption should not be more than 1/5 of its own weight when immersed for 24 hours.

    Brick’s compressive strength should be in the range of 2000 to 5000 psi (15 to 35 MPa).

    Salt usually hampers the durability of brick creating efflorescence. Maximum soluble salts in burnt brick should be less than 2.5%.

    When wetted in water it should not change its volume.

    It should neither under-burnt nor overburnt.

    Generally, the weight of a single brick should be around 6 lbs.

    It should have low thermal conductivity as the building built with them should be cool in summer and warm in winter.

    It must be sound proof.

    It should be incombustible and non-inflammable.

    It should be devoid of lime pitting.

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