• Some important considerations in choosing a kid’s bike and how Costway provides solutions

    Bicycles are a means of transportation as well as a means of exercise and entertainment. Choosing a bike is often an exciting activity but when it comes to kids’ bikes, some things will not be the same. We may need to pay more attention to safety and comfort factors assuming that children are bound to be more prone to injuries than adults. In this regard, some brands offer better than most. We have gone through many brands of kids’ bikes and so far we still consider Costway as one of the best if not the best.

    How exactly to choose? What aspects should we pay more attention to?

    There are a few important aspects for example, and here are a few that we consider the most noteworthy:

    1. Size

    Size is the first determinant of safety and comfort. If you don’t choose the right size for your kids, there is a chance, a big chance actually, that they will more easily “crash” and get injured. Costway bikes are designed with the best fit for kids of all ages. They provide children with both safety and comfort. Increased safety and comfort are always directly proportional to reduced risk of accidents. The safety in question is closely related to the control and maneuverability of the child while he or she is cycling.

    2. Safety features

    Costway stands out from similar brands when it comes to the safety features it provides. For example, the super-sturdy frame, the very strong and responsive braking system, and the optional training wheels. The combination of all these contributes to better safety.

    3. Ease of use

    There is no point in a good kid’s bike that is difficult to use. Costway ensures that all its products can be used easily by children, even those who are new to cycling. Costway’s bikes are all ergonomic and with adjustable components to support a comfortable ride. Just mention the handlebars and seat. You don’t have to rush to replace your Costway kids bicycle as your child grows. Often with a few adjustments your child can still ride comfortably.

    4. Lightweight

    Some Costway bikes are made from carbon steel and they remain lightweight, almost as lightweight as aluminum bikes. They are made to be as light as possible according to the material they are made of allowing maximum comfort for the kids riding them. When compared, Costway bikes are the lightest compared to bikes from other brands in their class.

    Reviews of Costway Kids bikes

    There are so many Costway bikes that have been sold and most of the buyers have left reviews. Almost all of them have given positive reviews and if we were asked to give the best recommendation, we would include the 16-inch Kids Bike with Removable Training Wheels in the list. Everything about the bike is a delight, starting from its easy assembly process and the training wheel feature that makes learning to ride easy for young children.

    Priced at just $102.00, this Costway kids bike instantly becomes one of the most attractive options in the market. Designed for children aged 4 to 7 years, this bike is made from selected materials, which include carbon steel, PVC, PP, TPR, and so on. Available in two color combinations (blue/white/black and white/red/navy), the bike naturally looks very attractive.

    Here are the key points regarding this bike:

    – Easily adjustable handlebar and saddle. The handlebar is adjustable from 30″ to 32.5″ and the saddle is adjustable from 24″ to 28″. That means, barring children with extreme body sizes, those between 4 to 7 years old should have no trouble with this bike.

    – Dual brakes for better safety.

    – Closed chain system to minimize the risk of children’s feet getting caught in the chain.

    – Anti-slip tires to prevent the bike from “slipping” combined with two removable training wheels.

    – Easy-to-understand assembly instructions. The bike is easy to assemble from scratch, even for beginners.

    – PP material padded saddle for maximum butt comfort.

    For all the above advantages, the price of $102.00 would certainly seem like a bargain.

    What exactly is Costway?

    Costway is an online retailer brand with a wide variety of products. Apart from children’s bikes, Costway also sells a variety of household necessities such as furniture, baby equipment, toys, sofas, kitchenware, and many more. Unlike most online retailers, Costway makes sure that every product, even the cheapest ones, meets certain quality standards. That’s why Costway rarely gets complaints from its customers.  

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