SISODIA DESIGNS Has Designed Their Office Based on Human Senses

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SISODIA DESIGNS Has Designed Their Office Based on Human Senses.

Good and thoughtful design can not only awaken our senses but reconnect us to a place and ourselves – thus creating soulful spaces. This being the whole and sole shibboleth of SD’s practice, using the entire sensory palette for their own studio thus came naturally.

SENSE OF SMELL: The sweet smell of Champa flowers greets the visitors at the entrance thus evoking the sensory journey.

The Entrance court: Spaces which blur the outside and the inside; spaces that make you want to simply soak in the magic of it all.


SENSE OF SIGHT: Creating spaces which are a delicate prose around everyday objects.

The Waiting: Plants outgrow the bird cage. Birds find their rightful place on the branches. The eccentric floating bench adds character. The projects sketched over duster cloth and framed in embroidery rings bring perspective.


SENSE OF SOUND: Water gushing out of the end of the discussion table adds drama and calm both at the same time.

The Think tank: The water cascade is a dramatic conversation piece saying: Let’s sit down, think out-of-the box and create some magic!

The custom-designed benches with wicker seats add character. The court facilitates the interpretation of traditional elements in the modern context.

The two thinking people above the suspended screen keep watch.


SENSE OF TOUCH: The drama of sharp textures interacting with one another is unparalleled.

The workstation: Layering different textures adds weight and visual appeal to space.


SENSE OF TASTE: The delectable figs and other delicate details evoke oral sensations and memories.

The Window: Because every opening has a story to tell.


SENSE OF LIFE: Staff area that comes alive through stunning art forms – be it project sketches over embroidery rings or the form-meets-function furniture.

The Workstations: The carefully worked out sections ensures comfortable working environment for twice the number of people than otherwise.


SENSE OF MOVEMENT: An inspired palette of earthy colours and quirky elements has the power to open the space and thread a warm vibe.


SENSE OF BALANCE: Spaces, materials and colours that give a sense of harmony and deep-rootedness.

SENSE OF PRESSURE: The uniquely textured wall is handcrafed by Ar.Monali herself using pressure as the only variable – a shampoo comb being her primary tool.

SENSE OF SELF: The custom- designed wicker chairs have been hand woven by this visually impaired gentleman and his team at the NAB (National Association of the Blind). It’s amazing how missing out on the sense of sight has sharpened their sense of touch to bring in couture craftsmanship and beyond. Gives one a deeper sense of life in general.



SENSE OF RHYTHM: Creating a dynamic composition where one celebrates the design language of inverted luxury.

The Architects thus managed to create a Studio which tells stories that would otherwise make a whole library of its own – using Architecture beyond the visual sense. Because every sense has a story to tell.


SISODIA DESIGNS is a multi-disciplinary design company based out of Nashik.Headed by Ar.Monali Sisodia andAr.Atul Sisodia, their Architectural and Interior Architecture practice spans over 16 years pan India and overseas.



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  • Hey my self Ar. Rini jariwala, surat, gujarat! great interior! Superb concept! Loved the color palette! Keep it up! 😊👍🏻 Keep posting!

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