Simplicity Is the Measure of Comfort- How to Decorate Your Bedroom

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When it comes to decorating your home, neglecting the bedroom isn’t a good idea.

Why? Because in this room, you get to spend time relaxing and recharging. So, it’s essential that you make this room cozy and inviting.

But we understand that it can be difficult to think of easy ways to give your bedroom a makeover. But you need not worry as we have some charming and simple ways you can use to decorate your bedroom. 

Moreover, some of our decorative ideas, such as giving your bed a new vibe by using a Boho duvet cover or making your small bedroom roomier with the help of a mirror, are very affordable. This way, you won’t need to break the bank to give your space a new look.

1.     Give Your Bed a Makeover with a Duvet Cover

If you want your bedroom to brim with texture and good vibes, consider adding some Boho beddings – think of a duvet cover, a comforter, and bedsheets.

A bohemian-styled bedroom embodies coziness and comfort.

Bohemian beddings have lots of colors and oversized florals. To add to the Boho-chic care-free look, mix and match your beddings and complete the look with decorative Boho throw pillows.

2.     Frame Your Wall Art

You can take a cherished wall art or a family picture to the next level by framing it up.

A picture frame adds a stylish touch to your piece. Picture frames also allow you to hang your art, filling up your bare bedroom walls. Picture frames also preserve your favorite pieces.

When choosing your frame, consider the color of your bedroom wall and your piece, as these should work together to give a balanced look.

3.     Mirror Mirror on The Wall

Want to make your small space bigger?

Or maybe you want to bring in more natural light to your bedroom?

Then, consider adding a mirror to your space. 

Hanging a mirror in your bedroom helps create an illusion of space. A large mirror with a decorative frame can also be a statement piece in your bedroom. You can also place your mirror strategically such that it reflects and brings attention to a beautiful item in your room.

A mirror also serves to increase the brightness of your bedroom. Hang your mirror across the window to bring more natural light into your bedroom or to reflect some artificial light.

4.     Make the Wall Pop With Wallpaper

The commonest way to give a dash of color to your wall is to paint it. But if you’re on a budget or looking for a simpler way to give your wall a new lease of life, consider adding a removable wallpaper.

With just a few sheets of wallpaper, you can give your bedroom a new modern look. Besides, wallpapers come in all patterns, colors, and textures. So you’ll be spoiled for choice when you go shopping.  

And the best part? You can always remove or change the wallpaper if you don’t like it.

5.     Clean It Up

Nothing says elegant like a tied-up room.

Take a few minutes to make your bed in the morning and put clothes away instead of leaving them on the bed or the floor. Clean up any clutter in your bedroom and store away unnecessary items.

Additionally, open up the windows and vacuum the floor. Don’t forget to clean the windows and dust the headboard, dresser, and nightstand. Last but not least, clean and change your bedding frequently.

The above five simple styling ideas are proof that decorating your bedroom doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. Hopefully, you loved them and will try them out.