• Seven Health Hazards You Can Avoid If You Clean Your Windows Regularly

    When it comes to health risks, one of the most unexpected sources of danger is filthy windows. Most people wouldn’t regard grimy windows to be a hazard at all. Unfortunately, this misconception is a commonly held one. There are seven different health hazards dirty windows present.



    Windows are a primes spot for dust accumulation. Dust particles possess the capability to cause sneezing, eye irritation, coughing and can potentially provoke asthmatic episodes in people who live with asthma. Being exposed to dust particles over time can damage your lungs; these same particles can also lead to the potential development of chronic bronchitis.


    Dust Mites

    Excessive dust can lead to the introduction of dust mites. These microbial insects are related to ticks and spiders. These pests generate indoor allergens from their fecal matter. This nasty fact allows them to cause respiratory issues in people. Like with dust, these insects can cause a huge inconvenience to people living with asthma.



    Excess condensation in a humid location is a recipe for mold. For the people sensitive to mold exposure, there are minor and serious risks. Throat irritation, skin irritation, nasal congestion and coughing are the most minor of issues. On the more serious end of the spectrum, mold could cause obstructive lung disease.

    The Institute of Medicine believes there is a correlation with exposure to indoor mold and the development of upper respiratory tract symptoms. This same organization found that even healthy children possessed the risk of developing respiratory issues if they were exposed to mold.


    Filth, Animal Hair and Microscopic Fibers

    Dust and mold are far from the only things to accumulate on windows. Windows can serve as a hub for filth, pet hair and microscopic fibers. Much like dust, these things are all allergens. If the window isn’t cleaned, these things can easily grow in number, presenting a greater health risk, respiratory problems being the most notable.



    Where there is filth, there are bacteria. Dirty windows are an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. Excess bacteria can ultimately lead to the proliferation of airborne diseases and pathogens. In other words, a dirty window has the capability to spread disease in a building or home.

    By keeping the windows clean, bacteria will not be able to spread as easily, keeping the occupants of the building safe.

    Diminished Light

    One of the greatest disinfectants against bacteria is ultraviolet light. Research shows that rooms with greater ultraviolet light have a lesser volume of viruses than those devoid of the light.

    Given this fact, it is obvious why a dirty window poses a problem. Dirt and filth reduce the light’s ability to enter the room through the window. Dirty windows can reduce the amount of light by as much as 40 percent. So definitely keep the windows clean to promote a brighter and cleaner environment.


    Seasonal Affective Disorder

    As strange as this idea sounds, clean windows can help with depression. A very real issue many people face is called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. As the name implies, SAD is a type of depression triggered by the changing of the seasons. Most commonly, the trigger is from the latter part of the fall season to the winter months.

    One of the factors that play a role in this disorder is serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that can impact a person’s mood. A reduction in sunlight can have an adverse impact on the amount of serotonin. Less serotonin can mean a greater likelihood for a person to fall into depression.

    By keeping the windows clean, more sunlight is free to enter the room, which can help with depression.



    Dirty windows can cause a large variety of problems. Whether these issues are respiratory in nature, biological, or even related to depression, it is important to maintain a clean environment by not neglecting the sanitation of the windows.

    Sometimes, the best method to achieve such an end is to contact a professional team of window cleaners, such as Thistle Window Cleaning services. Whether your needs are for a residential home or office building, sometimes that expert care can make all the difference.

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