Servicing Your Air Conditioner in Champaign, IL by Local AC Service Contractors

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As a homeowner, you must face significant responsibilities and challenging decisions especially relating to where better to invest the most money for the best benefit. You want you and your family to have a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment, plus you want to do what will create the most outstanding value for the house.

Making that determination can prove tricky, factoring in home buyers’ desires for added living space. That can mean a finished basement. Perhaps the impact that a gourmet kitchen can bring. How about the optimum HVAC equipment to offer the highest air quality within the home and provide comfort, regardless of the weather’s intensity?

An investment in HVAC keeps everyone healthy and safe, plus incorporating a professional AC service with the upgraded unit will ensure the system sustains longevity making potential resale value almost a guarantee. Or you can choose to keep the home and enjoy the unit for an extended period.

Tips On Servicing AC in Champaign, Il with A Local AC Service

Suppose you plan on staying in your house for an extended duration. In that case, there’s plenty of time to do renovations to add extra value, like expanding the kitchen or finishing the basement. Still, some investments are wise upfront, particularly if you’re not sure of how long you’ll stay.


The HVAC system is crucial to the health, safety, and comfort of those living in the home. The air quality contributes to health issues. If your AC is not serviced and not kept at optimum functionality, you can develop allergies or other respiratory problems. You will have to endure extreme temperatures if the system fails.

When you’re trying to decide whether you should invest in a new system, there are signs to look for that the old system has reached the end of its life, making it necessary for you to look into a more up-to-date modern variety. Find out whether you need a replacement at this link. Let’s look at some of those.

The Air Conditioning Unit Has Reached a Decade in Age

In some cases, people get familiar with how the system functions and don’t want to let go of what’s easy for them to operate. Many are not comfortable considering something more up-to-date in case it’s challenging to manipulate. But if your system is over ten years old, you must start to at least consider shopping for a new system.

Unlike the furnace, HVACs are outside exposed to extreme temperatures and inclement weather, decreasing the length of their life after going through each season all year. A modern system boasts the potential for lasting as long as 20 years, with older units giving roughly 12 at the very most.

The efficiency and longevity of the AC are based on numerous factors like appropriate upkeep and professional servicing throughout the entire lifespan. If you pass on the annual tune-ups, the lifetime will be much shorter than anticipated. That will also be affected by use, the intensity of heat in the region, and if the system is an adequate size for the house or if there were errors when purchasing.

As these units age, mechanical parts will grow obsolete even with excellent care, making it necessary to replace the system.

You Have Regular Breakdowns

HVAC systems that receive regular servicing from a professional provider shouldn’t have a problem with frequent breakdowns during the hot months. Most often, the need for routine repairs is due to a lack of maintenance. Servicing is the way to avoid these issues.

HVAC service professionals have the skills and training to detect defects in the minor stage while doing preventative upkeep before the season begins. The techs fix the issues before significant problems can develop, leaving the summer free of issues.

Suppose your warranty has expired and you’re experiencing breakdowns and regular repairs with high costs. In that case, it will be more cost-effective to consider the option of investing in a new HVAC system instead of continuing this path, especially if you are receiving regular servicing each year and still finding malfunctions consistently.

Energy Bills Are Increasing Exponentially with No Change In Usage

Unless you are making significant changes with usage, the home’s energy costs should stay pretty comparable each month with some fluctuation during the extreme seasons. If your usage remains the same, but the energy bills are exponentially higher, you could need a replacement unit. It’s wise to call your regular service provider for an inspection of the system.

High bills can mean there is a malfunction or a loss of efficiency. These things often happen as age progresses for a unit. You shouldn’t panic over one maybe two higher bills, but if these continue, a call to the professional is warranted.

R-22 Freon Usage

As of January 2020, Freon in the United States is not produced any longer, which could affect a home if you own an air conditioning unit over a decade old. These all most likely will use the refrigerant referenced as “R-22 Freon,” which manufacturers have found to have adverse environmental effects. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency is phasing the substance out.

The suggestion is that you should not panic if you are a Freon user. The systems can still be used even after 2020, but it’s wise to begin to prepare to replace these units. If the AC incurs a breakdown past the year 2020 with a need for a refill of Freon post-repair, there will not be a supply available, meaning you will need to replace your system with one that does not require this substance.

Final Thought

An air conditioning replacement is probably among the best investments a homeowner can make in their home, particularly if the one in the household is nearing the end of its lifespan. It not only adds to the safety and health plus the comfort of those living in the home, but the modern units offer a longer lifespan, meaning you’re adding to the return on your investment.

If you decide to sell the home, you will have increased the value with the new system as long as you participate in regular homeowner upkeep and employ the services of a professional for annual preventative maintenance to sustain longevity.