Security Guard Services for Your Apartment Complex

Rental properties come with a variety of risk factors for owners. Damage and theft are problems that any apartment complex owner can tell you are a constant concern. You also have resident safety that needs to be considered. This is, after all, where people make their home. Over the last few years, there has been a rise in crime rates. NY city, for example, has seen a 54% increase in robberies over the first few months of 2022 alone. Most leasing offices are seeing a rise in residents asking for stronger security measures to protect their valuables and loved ones. One of the best ways to increase your security presence is to hire security guard services.

Here are a few of the top reasons to hire a security guard service for your apartment complex.

Security Guard Services Can Change It Up

Unlike standard security measures like security cameras or alarm systems, security guard services can alter their patterns and locations. All the electronic and technological security precautions are helpful. Still, if you don’t have cameras covering every inch of your property, you have gaps in your overall security.

Security guard services can alter their timing and location to ensure there isn’t a predictable pattern for troublemakers to identify.

They are also able to respond to events happing at the moment. If a tenant calls about suspicious activity, security guard services can go and check it out, being more likely to prevent crimes.

Security Guard Services Presence Matters

Studies have shown over and over that criminals will pick the easiest prey. An unsecured apartment complex will be significantly easier to target than one with security guard services roaming around at any time of day.

It makes it clear to criminals that you take security seriously and you’re not going to just let them walk away. Sometimes just the presence of security guards is enough to deter crime.

Security Guard Services are Trained Professionals

Neighborhood watch and community security volunteers have become more popular over the years; however, they can be a liability rather than an asset. Some insurance companies even prohibit this type of security because these individuals aren’t trained or educated on handling problems or emergencies. When you choose security guard services, you’ll work with highly trained professionals.

Often security guards have a background in criminal or military training, and even those that don’t are highly trained before being put on the job. They have the education to deal with things your leasing office shouldn’t have to worry about.

This training also allows them to be aware of situations that could become problematic. They’ll assess your current security plans and strategies and use their training and experience to help you make adjustments.

Using your Resources to Their Full Potential

So, you made the investments and updated all your security features as recommended. However, you’re still having problems at your apartment complex? That might be because your staff isn’t equipped to manage all your provided resources.

Security guard services will know how to best allocate those resources and make them an asset for your overall security strategy.

A Better Reputation through Security Guard Services

When tenants choose an apartment complex, the reputation of that complex goes a long way in their decision. Word of mouth and online reviews will tell them about your complex. For example, if the cops are often seen at your property, it will hurt your reputation.

Security guard services can help you combat that problem. Instead of calling the cops every time they have a concern, your tenants can simply call your security guard and feel the same sense of relief. It’s also well-known that those who move into an apartment complex with higher security standards are less likely to be problematic tenants. These residents usually just want a quiet, secure life.

Response Speed Matters

If you’ve ever had to wait for the police, you’ll know that even though they do their best, it can be a while before they can respond. When you work with a private security guard service, you have someone on hand to quickly handle whatever incident comes up.

They will do what is needed to ensure resident and staff safety and keep things calm until the police, paramedics, or firefighters can take over.

This can be a selling point when you are trying to attract new tenants; they’ll feel their safety is among your company’s top concerns.

Not One Size Fits All

Security guard services aren’t a one size fits all. These professionals can build a strategy to fit your business. They understand that each company and apartment complex is different and has diverse needs. These specialists will work with you and your existing leasing staff to create the best security plan for your particular apartment complex.

For example, some apartment complexes may need security guard services around the clock. In contrast, others may only need a security guard there part-time.

They will also help you assess the security measures you already have in place and make changes where they are necessary. They may be able to point out gaps in your existing security strategy that can

Residents Want to Be Comfortable and Involved

Apartment complexes are micro-communities. Keeping that community satisfied is essential to the overall atmosphere of the complex. Suppose residents feel unsafe or don’t feel like the management is paying attention to their concerns about safety. In that case, they may choose to go elsewhere.

When you work with a security guard service, on the other hand, tenants feel more comfortable at home. They know their well-being is being taken into account. They’ll start to get to know the security guards on the property and be comfortable talking to them about their concerns.

The security guards can then inform management and work together to develop solutions for these ongoing issues.