• Safety Tips for Those Who Work at Heights

    Working at heights can be dangerous or even fatal, if not done right. It’s essential to consider all the preventative measures when sending workers to heights to minimize the risk of any casualties. In addition to this, working at heights training must be made mandatory before hiring a worker to work at heights and even in between to keep their knowledge updated. To prevent safety hazards for workers on spots above the ground, the following safety tips must be considered:

    Working at heights can be dangerous, but it doesn’t have to be. If you own a company that often has employees working at heights, health and safety courses are an important component of your health and safety plan. These courses are designed to teach workers how they can work safely at height by using the right equipment, maintaining their balance on ladders or scaffolding, staying safe in general at the workplace. Why not check out SB Skills Solutions for more information on health and safety courses today.

    Plan Appropriately

    Before going above the ground level, you need to consider all the risks that could pose a threat to your life. For instance, if the task you’re assigned can’t be completed without the help of another worker, it’s ideal to wait for them to assist you. You shouldn’t hurry to finish the job as you may trip and fall from the height in doing so.

    Also, you need to consider the weather conditions before going up. If it’s going to be a rainy day, it’s necessary to take the slippery ground and visibility into account. Planning according to these factors can help you minimize the risk of injury.

    Using the Right Equipment

    Personal protective equipment helps prevent health and safety hazards when working at heights. Clothing like a heavy-duty helmet, strong footwear, lanyards and harnesses, all make sure to keep you protected from any risk of tripping and falling from a height. Keep in mind that it’s also very necessary to inspect your clothing prior to use and if wear and tear catch your eye you should immediately replace it and inform the authorities.

    It’s also essential to use guard rails to provide a protective confined area at the workplace to ensure that workers know their boundaries and in case they are about to fall, the guard rails will shield them.

    Calculation of Fall Distances

    Working at heights makes you prone to the risks of falling from heights. Therefore, it’s important to consider and calculate the fall distances very accurately and precisely. For instance, a ten-foot harness is not going to save you from a fifteen-foot fall. A protection plan should also consider the height of the worker, fall distance, and the equipment they will be wearing to prevent injuries.    

    Keep Conducting Training Sessions

    Training shouldn’t be practiced once in a blue moon. Instead, regular training sessions should be conducted to polish the skills of the new and current workers. Change in the workplace calls for extensive training sessions as well to help workers get familiar with the risks at a completely new place and what measures they should take in case of a mishap. They should also be informed about the use of technical equipment or as simple as climbing the ladder.

    Regular Risk Assessments

    Make sure to hire professionals such as health and safety consultants to do your risk assessment and control hazards in the workplace.

    No matter how effective your controls are, if they are not up to date with the situation and environment, they will only put the lives of the workers in danger. It’s important to have a competent person on site who will regularly review the controls, and they also have the authority to implement proper controls and procedures in place. It’s best to check the measures every time a worker is sent to the site to prevent hazards. 

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